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We Support Nigerian Women

In light of the recent happenings, the issues being brought to light about rape, harassment, violence and killings of girls and young women; we have...

Why You Should Be Thinking About Sustainability as Business Owner

Faith Amarachi Isaac,
You’ve heard the buzzwords. Corporate responsibility, sustainability, CSR, social impact. It can be a lot to think about! Whatever word you identify with, adding a...

Is Your Smartphone Killing Your Relationship?

Faith Amarachi Isaac,
The truth is, like it or not, most of us are slaves to our smartphones. In a digital age where we’re constantly connected, we’re so...

5 Procrastination Excuses You Use and How to Crush Them

Faith Amarachi Isaac,
Are you a procrastinator? Is there something you’re supposed to do (or do you have a list of things to do) that you keep avoiding?...

5 Things to Consider Before You Sell Your Business

Faith Amarachi Isaac,
Ending a business is usually the last thing a business owner wants to think about. However, succession planning should be a top priority of business...

5 Essential Habits to Be a Successful Woman Entrepreneur

Faith Amarachi Isaac,
To be a successful woman entrepreneur, you need to be more than just a good leader. You also need to be a good business person,...