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The crypto market is an industry with round-the-clock trading activities in contrast to the stock market. This can pose stressful challenges for traders and investors alike, as they can wake up everyday to a pleasant or unpleasant price market movement.

Due to the market volatility rate, most traders have resorted to the use of trading bots built on certain algorithms to control their trades at all times. This implies that such bots work 24/7 even when the trader is asleep. Also, the use of a competent bot allows a speedy and efficient execution of trades which exceeds that of a trader.

  • Bots are able to work round-the-clock which improves efficiency as compared to that of humans. A trader would need to rest, sleep and accomplish other tasks.
  • These trading bots are able to operate at speeds far greater than that of humans. They have the  capacity to compute and execute trades at lightning speeds.
  • Trading bots are emotionless and it means that they are not driven by greed or fear. They work based on statistical data.
  • They are able to process large amounts of data per second which can not be done by any human.

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