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Chair Talk with Big Mo

Can we meet you?

  1. My name is Moses Nwokedi better known as BIGMO, I am an On Air Personality (OAP) with 99.5 Wazobia Fm on the Una Wake Up Show. I am a native of Nkpologwu in Aguata LGA, Anambra State. I am the first from a family of five children.


Radio in Nigeria has taken several creative twists, will you say the industry is headed in the right direction?

  1. Yes, radio in Nigeria is headed towards the right direction, this is because competition amongst radio stations in Nigeria is constantly on the rise. The only hitch I see in this, is that a good number of these radio stations have not been able to come out extensively with their own original content. Content is what determines if a radio station would be listened to or not.


With several years in the industry, what has the experience been like for you so far?

  1. My 8 years on radio didn’t start off on an easy note, this is because it took me some time to be able to perfect my broadcast lingua (Pidgin English for Wazobia Fm) & to also perfect my art-the personality you now have as BIGMO on radio. I had very terrible days when I felt like I wasn’t in the right profession, but I kept pushing and I am still pushing to get to where I want to be.


What is the one thing you would love to be remembered for?

  1. I want to be remembered as the man behind the voice that puts smiles and laughter on the faces of people every morning.


With the social media boom, will you say the appreciation for radio has decreased in Nigeria?

  1. Not at all, virtually all radio stations in Nigeria have jumped on the social media trend and this has helped create a large audience from not just the local scene, but also from the international scene.

What is your typical “radio day” like?

  1. My typical radio day is, I wake up by 4am to get to office for the Una Wake Up Show which runs from 5am-10am, this means I get to the office before 5am during the weekdays. Once I am in the studio, I go through the internet for the latest stories for the day, which I add up to my earlier prepared stories. I kick off the show with some motivational music & talk before switching the show into full gear. I wrap up the show by 10am and get to sort out any outstanding admin duties before calling it a day at the office.


Do you think radio can contribute to the improvement of the country, and how?

  1. Yes I think radio can contribute to the development of the country by educating and informing the masses via a continued programming that would focus on unity, family and public health, skills acquisition and financial education, better understanding of the government policies that would help combat poverty, etc.


Share with us one of your mind blowing experiences you have had as an OAP?

  1. Hmmm… I don’t really have a mind blowing experience as an OAP, because I come expecting the unexpected on a daily basis.

How will you access the Nigerian terrain, in terms of its growth so far?

  1. Well, I would say corruption has been tamed to some extent, you don’t to see people throw money around like before. But, the people are yet to actually feel the growth of the country despite the National Bureau of Statistics claiming that we have stepped out of recession. Like some of my people would say “nah the audio of the coming out of recession we dey hear, we still dey wait to see the video”.


Where did the name Big Mo come from?

  1. BIGMO is an acronym for Beginning In God’s MOvement. I go this from way back, when I was in school.


What are your other hobbies outside radio?

  1. Dis hobbies be like say dem don dey die small small o! Okay, I think I still enjoy watching movies, driving & using the social media.


How will you assess the entertainment industry in Abuja, will you say there have been improvements?

  1. There have been improvements in the entertainment industry in Abuja, nightlife has been on an increase, more record labels have popped up, and we seem to have more shows/events compared to some years back.

What does it take to be a good OAP?

  1. To be a good OAP, you must be ready to learn the profession without the mindset of making money or becoming a sensation overnight. You must be very versatile. You should learn how to make use of the social media to get the latest happenings even when you’re not in front of a computer. You should be ready to learn, unlearn & relearn.


What has been your happiest moment so far?

  1. Happiest moment… Make I think am small, because e be like say e still dey high sea dey come.


Finally, can you list 5 facts about “Big Mo” you would like the public to know?

  1. BIGMO is Igbo. BIGMO is not a foodie. BIGMO is a workaholic. BIGMO can mimic several accents. BIGMO is a handy man.

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