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The BELT Leadership Network is an exclusive community where intelligent, experienced, and forward-thinking entrepreneurs, executives, and innovators discuss and gain support towards achieving greater return on investment and increased revenue.

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Establish Yourself as a Leader in Your Industry

  • Do you want to gain more credibility as an industry expert?
  • Are you in need of a platform that offers you greater brand exposure for target marketing?
  • Are you in search of opportunities to mentor and guide younger entrepreneurs and business owners towards success?

Why we created the BELT Leadership Network

BELT gives you the platform as an experienced expert and leader in your industry to gain brand exposure and wider coverage, mentor younger entrepreneurs and enjoy stronger networking opportunities for sponsorship, advertisement and promotions.

Over the years, the BELT company has focused on balancing entrepreneurship across Business, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Technology by promoting affiliations, collaborations and partnerships across business industries in Africa for greater revenue growth and to create a more robust socio-economic system.

Our Process

Fill the Form

Please fill our 1-page online application form. We will quickly evaluate your submission.


We may schedule a short live interview with you to find out more about your background and how we could work together.

Submit Payment

After we’ve accepted your membership, make your payment as directed to start enjoying all the exclusive benefits.


After your subscription is finalized, you’re immediately connected to the leaders' network of peers to start enjoying all of the benefits.

Leadership Benefits

Join a top-of-the-line Network of Entrepreneurs & Executives

Publish on BELT

Gain direct writing access and submit your content on our system. You can check the status of the articles, receive notes and comments from our dedicated editors, and be a distinguished voice in your field.

Cocktails & Dinner

Get BELT invites to specially hosted events for industry experts, leaders and professionals. These events are tailored to foster stronger relationships and provide more business opportunities.


Gain opportunities to mentor and guide younger entrepreneurs and business owners towards success. You also get exclusive privilege and invites to speak at BELT events, webinars and engagements. This creates a platform for you to achieve leadership growth and increased revenue through expert coaching and mentorship.

Brand Voice

Promote your personal and business brand and voice to an unlimited audience. This offers you the opportunity to solidify your credibility and that of your company as a leader in your industry. In addition, your content stands the chance of being included in our daily and weekly newsletters, giving you even more brand exposure.

Never Stop Growing

With access to a wide range of business and professional experts in fields and business areas most important to you, as well as our endless stream of exclusively tailored content, the boundaries of growth for our top-of-the-line executives are infinite.

VIP Status

Having VIP status, you get additional exclusive benefits tailored for industry leaders. This includes more opportunities to promote your brand, affiliate, collaborate and partner with BELT and members of the community. It also includes more opportunities for brand exposure and being invited to speak at BELT events, podcasts and webinars.

Bonus Gift

FREE Access to BELT Digital Magazine

a blend of contents across Business, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Technology, with exclusive interviews, reviews, listings and related contents, available in print and digital editions

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