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Promote your business, reach a wide range of potential customers, and gain massive exposure in the BELT community and beyond.

The BELT Partnership network is an exclusive community where members are given the platform to develop their company’s capacity by sharing resources and information aimed at advertising and promoting their companies’ brands, events, products and services. Partners get to network with other organizations and businesses, share resources, skills, information, and gain professional growth and exposure

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Give Your Brand A Wider Coverage

    • Do you want access to potential customers?
    • Are you in need of a platform that offers you greater brand exposure for target marketing?
    • Are you ready to generate more revenue by marketing to the right people who truly need your products and services?

    Why we created BELT Partners’ Network

    BELT gives you the platform as a company to gain brand exposure and wider coverage, cut down on your marketing expenses and ensure you are advertising to the right audience.

    Over the years, the BELT company has focused on balancing entrepreneurship across Business, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Technology and promoting affiliations, collaborations and partnerships across business industries in Africa for greater revenue growth and to create a more robust socio-economic system.

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Our Process

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We may schedule a short live interview with you to find out more about your background and how we could work together.

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Partnership Benefits

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Increased brand exposure

Wider opportunities for growth and expansion. Increase your brand reach, get stronger and better brand exposure with your SEO rankings, brand visibility and validation. Expand your geographical coverage and achieve better growth and expansion.

Save Money

Take advantage of our tailored opportunities that enable you to cut down on your marketing expenses by advertising to the right audience. With the knowledge, expertise and connections from the community, gain the ability to further push your potential customers into your sales funnel and multiply your revenue.

Research & Surveys

To aid your decision-making process, leverage on members of the BELT community who are willing to conduct and provide honest and accurate product reviews, surveys and feedback to your organization in order to improve the quality of your product & services. Enjoy a virtual board to bounce ideas off of, and receive sincere feedback from our network of experts.

Increased Revenue

Enjoy a steady increase in customer and client base for your business, with discounts, coupons and promos made available by BELT. Get an increased market share and market access by being sure you are marketing to the right people who truly need and desire your products and services.

Specialized Ads

Special features on the BELT website, magazine and platforms. Get FREE announcements on promos, giveaways and special occasions for your organization. As an added benefit, you may be included in our daily and weekly newsletters.

Partnership Opportunities

With projects to boost the face and social credibility of your business and company, get opportunities to sponsor, partner, and invest in BELT events, initiatives and projects alongside partner projects.

Bonus Gift

FREE Access to BELT Digital Magazine

a blend of contents across Business, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Technology, with exclusive interviews, reviews, listings and related contents, available in print and digital editions

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