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For the love of cakes, snacks and everything pastery, we have a list of recommended pastery brands that we believe would trigger depths in your taste buds and would be sure to feed your cravings.

  1.  Preshiiee cakes is a business that focuses on the production and selling of yummy and affordable cakes, desserts and pastries within Abuja. It was founded in 2016 and provides dessert set up for weddings, birthday parties and other events, we are basically available to satisfy all your cravings.


Contact: 08155994105, 08107930645.

IG: @Preshiieecakes

Twitter: @Preshiieecakes

E-mail: preshiieecakes@gmail.com



  1. Cakes Charmant is a confectionary based in Abuja and Uyo. Cakes Charmant was founded in 2006, and offers cakes that are specially crafted to every customers specification, using a unique blend of quality ingredients. Every bite is a promise kept for a delightful experience.

Contact: 0815 120 0316, 08094999422.

IG: @cakes_charmant

Twitter: @cakes_charmant

E-mail : cakescharmant@gmail.com

  1. Cake Plus ltd is a confectionery company that bakes a variety of cakes, pastries and dessert. We deliver our products to your door step, and believe only in the satisfaction of our customers.

Contact: 08155994105, 08107930645.

IG: @Cakeplusgroups

Twitter: @Cakeplusgroups

E-mail: Cakeplusgroups@gmail.com

  1. Amah_Pastries is a cake and confectionery House situated at 4b Constitution Avenue Gaduwa estate Abuja. Our services include Birthday Cakes, Wedding and Anniversary Cakes, Small chops(Samosa, spring rolls, Puff-puff, chicken kebab).We also deliver Tasty and mouth melting Chin-chin, Meat pie, Doughnuts and Bread burger as well, and as a complementary gift for patronage, we never fail to give free cupcakes and carrot muffins to our esteemed customers.

Contact: 08063684393

Email: chiamaka.chinedu@yahoo.com


  1. Acacia Cakes

Acacia cakes offers a broad range of delicious cakes all from high quality ingredients. We cater for our customers by providing cakes made to please and delight our customers, down to the smallest detail.

Tel: 08186604608, 09027977698

Instagram: acacia_cakes_

Email: ajekabarbera1@gmail.com

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