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Becoming A Rainmaker
Coffee Room

Learn how to become the most valuable person in your company or any organization, become the person who makes it rain regardless of the season, being able to provide new business, customers and revenue for your company or any other company.

Learn from The Rainmaker

Date: 27th April 2023

Foundation Pillars Summit
BELT Event

The Foundation Pillars Summit is designed to set the tone for the next generation of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs who understand the right foundation for their business, become deliberate about the structures and systems you put in place to build your dream business

Date: 19th – 24th June 2023

BELT Conference 2023
BELT Event

Attend BELT Conference 2023 – Breaking Industry Limits, the single largest gathering of high achieving entrepreneurs, who understand the need to affiliate, collaborate and partner with key institutions and individuals for maximum productivity and for better results

Date 7th – 9th December 2023