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Startup Funding & Capital

Coffee Room

The most asked entrepreneurial question is about to be trashed to simplicity. Learn more about financial & human capital as well as funding syles and sources tailored for your establishment. This event would make you aware of important funding information you wouldn’t want to miss.

Date: 15th July 2021

Growth Hacking & Acceleration

Coffee Room

Call it the starter pack for business growth, because The Coffee Room could be what you need for information aiding entrepreneurial development. Growth hacking and acceleration are the little secrets we are about to tell you, but you can tell a friend.

Date: 23rd September 2021

Tech Innovation & Economic Impact

Coffee Room

There is no denying the vast benefit of technological advancement on business and economical growth at large. Learn more about these variables of growth on this edition of the coffee room. Meet speakers in the field address all you need to know, be there.

Date 25th November 2021