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Meet Olumide Aturu, The man changing the narrative in Nigerian grassroot football.

Olumide Aturu is the Chief Executive Officer at 5 stars football and consultancy limited. Prior to this position,he was the General Manager at Planet Futsal Abuja,He was also a Business Development Executive at cook and steam and an Administrative/Research Manager at Strater Energy Resources LTD Abuja. He graduated from Ekiti State University with a B.A in English Language and Literature. He also has a Bachelor of Laws-LLB international law and legal studies from National Open University. In his current position as Chief Executive Officer at 5 stars football,he runs recruitment for young talents and also provide study scholarships for young Nigerian Athletes which enables them pursue their passion while also studying.

Who is Olumide Aturu and what are the words that describe you?
Olumide Aturu is a passion driven individual, relentless until targets are met. Reflecting change from the grassroots level to show sports enthusiasts, policy changers, and other entrepreneurs from different sectors how to build financial empires and exploring business franchising opportunities while following their passion. 

As a sports administrator,What does your job entail?

My job as a sports administrator presents the perfect contextual backdrop for understanding how sports intersects with everyday life, politics, and national identities in this part of the world.From my public opinion poll, it tolls that 69% of the world’s population engages in day to day sports activities e.g football, basketball, swimming, gymnasiums, yoga and modern day dancing sports, zumba. This is why I relate what sports means in nations where poverty and danger go hand-in-hand, E.G Nigeria our first focus, where the business of sports is underrated. The result is a highly charged read at least as much about politics as soccer. A journalist’s continental odyssey… it’s a brave journey if you ask me. 

With your background in law,what can you say inspired the career change and how has it complimented your current line of work?

I’m currently in my final year studying Law as a second degree, but this has not changed my passion for sports most especially football. These two-stanced careers were borne out of passion but sports has now ranked more in daily life making Law profession the alternated one. My dad being a Lawyer and growing up to learn about my kinsman uncle Late Bamidele Aturu’s doggedness has made me stronger at heart, thus compelling me naturally to impact humanity through my lanes of passion. 

Can you tell us a bit more about 5 stars football,your goals and how you’ve been able to achieve some of these goals?
5STARS FOOTBALL & CONSULTANCY LIMITED is a long-standing football intermediary & consultancy business company operating in today’s fast moving and exciting world of semi & non-professional and amateur football. 
We are also partners with favourite electronic and print media houses popular blogs for top notch branding and other promotion purposes. We seek the growth of sports and her profitability on the grassroots level in Nigeria.
 We organize and manage Abuja’s annual premier non-professional 5/7aside league, the nationwide Hospitality Clubs’ Cup which is held annually in Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt. We also host annual competitions in Kano and Kaduna state.Our vision is to become the leader in sports management, astute sports consultancy services provider in Africa and beyond; consequently promoting unity, sport business and healthy living amongst different age groups and all genders.Our aim is to achieve long-term partnerships with our clients and to help them fulfill their goals. As a company, we work very hard to support our clients’ individual requirements, fostering relationships that are underpinned by trust and integrity for such interests that benefits development of societies.

Offering scholarships to young talents to study and also pursue their passion in football while studying is no small feat,How have you been able to achieve this?
5Stars Football & Consultancy Limited started operations since 2014 but became fully incorporated in 2018 . We have completed projects in the sports industry which has earned us trusted scouts, agents and partners across clubs and sports agencies around Nigeria, Africa, America and Asia. This has led to Foreign partnerships with scouting and football management agencies.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in your line of work and how have you tackled some of these challenges?
Major challenges includes low level of sensitization about the great potentials embedded in grassroot sports. Also, government’s reaction towards developing grassroot sports has been low over the years, inability to access fundings, proper training and uncertainty of promised future to passionate athletes and many more. I thank my team and few partners with some ex footballers who believed in the transition process and hopes for grassroot rising. Our passion carries out these sports initiatives and are the key tools which has ignited more hands so far. 

How is 5 stars football influencing grassroot football for young talents and sports in general?
 I can boldly say that our efforts towards liberating development in the grassroot sports sector has impacted  more youths. It has also put some on their toes that these things are achievable after all. Our tour around the cities in Nigeria has also motivated a lot of youths, business owners and has remodeled the face of grassroot football as a business venture and palace of endless employment opportunities . 

You recently signed Abba Bichi as an ambassador, How does this influence grassroot football rising?
Abba Bichi’s relentless efforts towards impacting in the development of grassroot football at his young age gave  our organisation more insights, newer ways through which our voices can motivate and encourage more youths at the grassroot level to step up their will power and never lose hope towards achieving their dreams. 
So far we signed him as the youngest football ambassador in Nigeria, the decision has propelled more growth to the development of grassroot football in our country and Africa at large. More investments are now coming to grassroot football as branding is also a key aspect towards developing the lovely round leather game.

What are your top pro tips for young talents out there aiming for success?

I forgot to mention that I also write. Just as culled from my upcoming educational sports book titled “Sports, Passion and Policy Making: The Global Change”,  as pioneering Sports Administrator, I try to show everyone striving to succeed; be it parents, students, educators, athletes, or business people, that the secret to outstanding achievement is not talent but a special blend of passion and persistence; i call it “grit”.Your perception will subconsciously be fine tuned to embrace the role you were meant to play in adding more to yourself and developing the economy of the entire nation.

With BELT promoting balance, how have you been able to maintain balance across Business, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Technology, in your business and personal life ?

If I understood the question properly, BELT Magazine is doing an amazing job. First of all, I will like to commend their efforts towards reaching out to the core grassroots community, especially the world of sports which has endless business opportunities and adding immensely to any nations GDP. It is our hope that the messages from this platform will transform the talents and undecided youths out there to follow their dreams and stay passionate till the end. This is an excellent opportunity that offers a fascinating introduction to the origin of 5Stars Football and my team’s personalities changing their communities and society at large. This is a worldwide journey, the stories will be told till Change is accomplished at all facets. 

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