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Folding Phone by Apple Will Exist When Samsung Fold Is Old News

Apple, known for its revolutionary war devices and MP3 players you can fit in your bottom lip, is apparently working on its own folding phone design. Updates to a folding phone patent did not go unnoticed. As Samsung announced the best folding phone since the Nokia Communicator, the obviously named Samsung Fold, Apple is most likely getting geared up to do something similar this year.Apple doesn’t just make things, it reinvent and redefines. It innovates and perfects designs or functions that may already exist, but don’t have that crispness of the Apple logo and iOS. With TCL working on folding devices and LG hinting at making its own folding phone some day, Apple truly has time to spend some sweaty nights in the lab making something that definitively puts screen physics and geometry to the test.Being first doesn’t always mean best, but this new trend in folding devices has to start somewhere and this time, it started with Samsung. The appeal of a two thousand dollar phone the size of a phablet that folds in half and has two batteries is a mixed bag of marbles and rusty razors. While there is some clear excitement about its release, it will be a while before folding phones are not only affordable, but practical.So Apple will bide its time and wait for Samsung and LG and others to make mistakes, or even perfect the technology. Then it will pounce like your dad when he hears the words “classic rock” from across the room. Yet, even with this Apple patent in existence, there is a fleshy and bright aura hanging around that suggests that perhaps Apple will never release a folding phone, but will actually use the technology for a different purpose, like folding screens in the medical field or something similar. Who are we kidding? Of course Apple will make a folding phone. Could you imagine Apple being the only phone manufacturer without a folding device on the market?While it’s highly probable that we’ll see an Apple folding phone in the next year or so, it’s unlikely that it will be much different from the one Samsung presented yesterday. Besides the operating system, is there much baseline difference between the iPhone and the Galaxy as it stands? They are both glass rectangles that glow and act as our link to the universe that resides within servers and cables laid around the world. Putting a hinge on that, while innovative in screen design and operating systems that can smoothly transition from inside screen to outside screen, is just putting a hinge on that. It’s like putting your book report in a binder, then putting stickers on the binder because stickers are cool.Though, the influence of Apple cannot just be ignored. Less than a day after our first glance at the Samsung Fold, we’re already wondering how this will affect Apple. In the luxury phone market, of which Apple is king, queen and most of the court, a $2,000 phone that folds open so you can watch video on the toilet is the epitome of luxury. Apple’s phone might bend both ways, yet patents are always subject to change and might just exist to throw us off the scent. As long as it bends, it folds.While we are all wading in nostalgia over flip phones (the Motorola StarTAC being the greatest one ever), this new horizon of folding phones is nipping at our ankles, begging to be picked up. Does this market even exist if Apple isn’t part of it? Is the Samsung Fold enough? Probably not. When it’s $700 and nearly forgotten, that’s when Apple will pounce. Regardless, call me when Apple releases a folding phone that functions as a slap bracelet. Until then, folding phones are a luxury that serve little purpose besides showing the world you can afford one.

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