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Football: A Unifying Factor

Football means a lot to some and even more to others. It is a sport to be enjoyed, a means to achieve relaxation or, it could even mean the world. It serves as a tool for shaping people as human beings, thus shaping the world. Football brings people together. This is often irrespective of their status, age, gender, or nationality. All of these showcase Football as a unifying factor.

A perfect example is when the Nigerian national team plays. A man who ordinarily would not relate with another for many reasons, finds himself hugging him, even buying him a drink, as they unite in their love of football. Players show this through fairplay. For a example, a player from one team putting out the ball due to an injured player on the other team.

For the love of football.


With this belief, 5Stars Football & Consultancy Limited brings you the third edition of the Lagos Club Cup Football competition tagged Football for Peace with 16 teams, scheduled for the 13th and 14th of June, 2021, to emphasize how much power football has to bring peace to the individual and the world.

Advocacy for peace.

“The secret to outstanding achievement is not talent but a special blend of passion and persistence; I call it grit.”Olumide Aturu

Lagos Club Cup Football Competition

For this edition of the Lagos Club Cup Football competition, the teams will be contributing to showcase the power of football to also resolve conflict, calm unrest, and emphasize how we have so much more in common than otherwise.

These teams are made up of talented players, some of whom could be your friends, a waiter in a bar, a young man or woman who has dedicatedly brought joy to spectators every Saturday as they play street football in their area.

Team A
Team B

5Stars Football & Consultancy Limited

As an established football intermediary & consultancy, 5Stars is the product of a passion to use football to reach out to the youths and spread positive messages in today’s changing world.

5Stars Football & Consultancy Limited has partnered with scouting and football management agencies in the US, UK & Russia, organized tournaments and corporate sports and charity football events.

It has also worked with many brands to nurture relationships that are reinforced by trust and integrity for such interests that benefit the development of societies and affiliated regions.

5Star Football and Consultancy Limited

CEO of 5Stars Football & Consultancy Limited, Olumide Aturu, believes strongly that the government has a huge role to play, and the target is to help it see the sports industry as a strong business and influential platform. 5Stars Football & Consultancy Limited is here to ensure that the government and other parties listen to the complaints of the youth through its chains of football projects and interventions.

Since its inception, 5Stars Football & Consultancy Limited has been able to inspire more youths in achieving their dreams, by positioning grassroots football development in the spotlight. The focus will also be on the hospitality industry that embodies qualities that will be at the fore at this event. We refer to enthusiasm, leadership, teamwork, and a commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction. All of these and so much more, are applied to give you the very best service which you are entitled to irrespective of race, tribe, age, skin color, or status.

“The Day the power of love overrules the love of power, the world will know peaceMahatma Gandhi

Football: The Unifying Factor.

The Interlude Match

During this edition of the Lagos Club Cup Football competition, celebrities, men and women, will also get the opportunity in their categories, to display their skills on the pitch. This match will be between the owners of businesses in the Hospitality industry and the celebrities.

The third edition of the Lagos Club Cup Football competition tagged Football for Peace will take place at the Landmark Football Pitch, Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos on the 13th and 14th of June, 2021.

If this will be your first 5Stars event, then prepare to leave as an advocate of the positive power of football. If it isn’t your first, we look forward to having you at an event that will reinforce your dedication to football as a tool for peaceful dispute resolutions. Football is indeed a unifying factor.

What to expect in the new edition.

“At 5Stars Football & Consultancy Limited you will find advocacy fueled by a passion, and inspired by a love for the game”.-Olumide Aturu


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Lawsyano June 3, 2021 at 8:49 am

This is what we have longed for now God is using an unknown individual to bring it to pass. God continue to bless you sir and enlarge your tentacles IJN AMEN 🙏


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