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December 4, 2021


Funding and Capital

Join BELT on another captivating edition of The Coffee Room.

This event gives you the opportunity to learn in a corporate-friendly atmosphere, new ways of doing business in today’s world. The Coffee room understands the extra-ordinary benefits attached to the concept of networking, therefore giving you an opening to discourse with individuals from different spheres of entrepreneurial belonging. The aim is to create a balance.

Conversely this time we would be touch lighting a delicate part of business execution, which is Funding and Capital. Funding and Capital involves the use of financial or social means of executing your business plans and ideas.

Get answers to your most asked questions concerning business financing.


  • Do you want to know about debt and equity financing?
  • Do you have questions on money and debt management for businesses?
  • Need to be updated on the key aspects of capital acquisition?

Then I guarantee you want to be part of this educative session handled by 3 experts in the field shedding light on the main queries of Funding & Capital.

1) Bootstrapping: Learn how to use personal funds to kick-start and run your business into a successful venture.

2) Loans and Grants: Get informed on the delicate aspects of applying for loans and grants for your business.

3) Venture Capital: A good business idea needs a well-intentioned investor. Learn more about Venture Capital.

Benefits of being part of the Coffee Room


  1. Get clarity on the right steps to take in financing your business.
  2. Discover the best ways to get loans and grants for business start-ups.
  3. Network with financial experts and business owners for ideas.
  4. Meet new and prospective users of your product and services who may later turn into partners for your business.

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