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Getting Started on Mobile App Development

Getting into this world is something a lot of people desire either by mere admiration, fascination or in-depth interest, mostly people who have some form of involvement in the world of Information Technology (IT), Mobile App Development is an entire world on its own and one must be guided when trying to get into this world in order not to get lost by its attractive areas.

There are basic questions you must ask yourself before embarking on this adventure;

What is Mobile App Development?

Mobile App Development is simply the scripting codes and programs that can run on mobile devices. It can also be considered as series of instructions designed to provide an anticipated user experience.

Why Mobile App Development?

Understanding why you have such interest helps solidify your interest and passion for development and it gives you the desire to learn more, get better and constantly seek improvements in knowledge, skills and capacity.

Mobile App Development requires a reasonable amount of perseverance and dedication, some of the best developers today are people always looking for ways to do it easier, faster and better providing better functionalities and efficiency leading to the ultimate User Experience.

What kinds of Apps do I desire to develop?

Be it a game you desire to develop, a networking/social media app, business app, educational or whatever kind of app you desire to develop and that idea you have and desire to refine and make a reality, you need to understand that there are three major types of Mobile Apps;

Native Apps

These are apps that can run on your mobile device and requires no internet access, app that live on your mobile device, they are platform dependent and developed depending the desired platform either android or iOS.

Mobile Web Apps

These are apps that require your device browser to deliver their contents, they are independent of any platform, they can run across various platforms, be it iOS or Android.

Hybrid Apps

This is basically the combination of the native and web app, these apps basically work on mobile phone with direct link to the web, the hybrid app today is more dynamic than the native app, and its usability and interactive cuts across various platforms it is developed for.


What platforms would I be developing for?

Choosing the platform is quite important in order to guide the programming flow and user experience build up, though is quite easy to convert an android app you to an iOS app with a few adjustments, but it is important to choose your initial target platform, be it iOS or android.

How do I start?

Start by understanding what mobile app development is about, basically understanding the basics of mobile app development, some of which have been covered in this article. Do a little more research, read up on a few more articles, discuss with your tech friends and develop your idea.


What do I need?



Sound programming level

Good computational thinking

Creative and innovative thinking

Logic and Math knowledge

Data management

Web Technology

Hyper Text Markup Language – HTML 5

Cascade Style Sheet – CSS

JavaScript – JS


Notepad ++ & Intel XDK – Windows OS

Sublime & Intel XDK – Mac OS X

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