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Health And Exercise

Words: Aligwara Amarachi Doris

“Being fit and being healthy are not equal, there’s a difference” 


In this health and fitness article, we would learn that to be healthy, you must be fit, but you must know that you can be fit and not be healthy. Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease and infirmity. To be totally fit means to be in good health, especially because of regular physical exercise. Being healthy means listening to our brains and our bodies.

With the aim of not boring you but enlightening and educating you, let me walk you through the basic steps on how to be fit and healthy. These are crucial and basic steps and facts which no one would critically discuss with you. All they would say is “hit the gym” or “start up a diet and reduce what you eat”, without actually listening to what you and your body needs.

  • ACCEPTANCE: The first step for you is acceptance. Before making any move, you have to accept the fact that you do not like the way your body has turned out to be or your situation. You have to accept that you want to help yourself or you need help and you WILL GET IT. You MUST have that mindset.
  • BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: After accepting your situation, it’s not all about hitting the gym and exercising, NO! The next step is to believe in yourself that you can do it no matter the challenges that might come along the way. Believe in yourself that the next step you want to take is the right decision for you. This is a very powerful tool because without it, no matter who helps you, if you don’t believe in yourself, you aren’t going anywhere.
  • STAYING HEALTHY: The next step is to consider the things to cut back on. You must stay healthy. This is where people get it all wrong. Staying healthy is not all about becoming a vegetarian all of a sudden. It’s not all about just eating salads or greens to stay in shape (for those trying to reduce weight), and for those who are thin or average body-sized, it’s not all about stacking up on large amount of protein because you want to turn it into gains. Remember, you have to listen to your body and brain. Know what your body actually needs so you don’t break it down while trying to save it. You have to stay on a balanced diet. It’s all about planning your meal right, not just munching on everything because you want to turn it into gains when you hit the gym.


For the plus-size, remember you are trying to lose some weight, not dry up completely. You have to stay healthy at the same time. This means you also have to eat but eat HEALTHY. Reduce the quantity of what you eat, fruits grinded into smoothies in the morning, little protein in the afternoon and some more fruits in the evening is a good starter for you, this way you are refreshing your body and relieving it of so much work and digestion, and allowing it work on burning all that fat. That way you are also staying healthy.

  • EXERCISE ANYWHERE: Another issue to make clear is that you don’t always require a gym to work out or give you a perfect body and be healthy. Some of us use this as an excuse to rest or just not exercise, maybe because the gym is quite far from our homes or it’s closed or we are scared of what other people at the gym would say about your body. Turn it into a challenge! After all It is your body not theirs; they are there to work on their body, why not you do the same. Also if you are operating on a low budget or the gym is far away, this is not an excuse, you can exercise within the confines of your room or home. YOU CAN DO THIS. The main factor that comes to play here is COMMITMENT. Exercising at home requires lots of commitment, always bear in mind the reason(s) for which you set your mind to it and started in the first place. You are your motivation. Always say to yourself; I CAN DO THIS.
  • OVER EXCITEMENT: Finally, the problem of being too excited. For those of us who are trying to lose some weight, we begin to get excited just after a few days or weeks after we find out we have lost some weight, we then begin to slack off on our exercises and diet. And those trying to gain muscles and tone up our bodies, just when we begin to see our bodies developing and getting in shape, we get too excited and start missing out on exercising. “You have to be persistent till the End”. DO NOT STOP UNTIL ITS TIME TO STOP. PUSH HARDER. GET BETTER RESULTS. Tighten up those muscles a little more and burn more weight so they never come back again. Trust me the result at the end is going to be worth it.

Remember, health describes the state of an entire body and all of its systems. It answers the question; “Is the body functioning the way it ought to?” While fitness on the other hand, also describes the state of the body but focuses more specifically on the nervous, muscular and skeletal systems. It focuses on the question; “Are the systems functioning properly?” It is the ability to perform work more satisfactorily.



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