How to Attract Tech Talent as a Growing Business

Business leaders can find and attract top talent in a tight job market in 2019 and beyond by rethinking their current recruitment strategy.

In today’s job market, nearly all organizations have trouble finding and retaining skilled professionals. It’s a job seeker’s market – and job hunters know it.

However, you can win the ongoing recruitment battle. By making your job offerings attractive and developing talent from within, you can fill the roles needed to help your organization thrive and prosper.

Pushing Back Against the Talent Shortage

Today’s ambitious professionals aren’t as loyal as their predecessors. It’s not uncommon for contemporary skilled workers to job hop several times during their careers. As a result, in-house training is on the decline in a challenging job market. Nevertheless, in-house training may prove invaluable in filling high-demand, vital roles.

Even then, your organization faces an additional challenge. To successfully develop in-house talent, you must forecast your future needs and align your training initiatives with that demand. In some instances, it makes sense to partner with local educational institutions, rather than shouldering the burden of employee training.

Leveraging Experience and Technology to Attract Talent

Today’s job market is highly complex. It’s a challenge defining roles as well as the skills needed by job candidates to fulfill those responsibilities. By partnering with an experienced consultant, you can save time, money, and costly missteps when recruiting new employees.

Once you have found job candidates, you must make sure they’re up to the task. It helps to establish a system for testing job candidates in a live environment to ensure their resumes matches their skill sets.

Also, you want to look for more than the right skills and experience. You’ll need to make sure that your potential new hires are a good fit for your desired corporate culture. New hires need not only have the right skills for the job, but also the right mindset to help you reach your goals in a team environment.

Keeping Good Workers Engaged

Once you find the right job candidates, you’ll need to figure out how to keep them. Today’s skilled workers want more than just a paycheck. They want benefits and a better quality of life.

Many skilled workers will gladly take less pay for increased job satisfaction. This comes from matching skill sets with company culture. As, Nick Claywell, Lead Application Developer at Soliant Consulting explains, “Important note: building a team of different personality types and people from various backgrounds is crucial to a successful team of any kind. You don’t want 10 carbon copies of the same person. A strong development culture is made up of individuals who work well together.”

Accordingly, you must empower skilled workers with the resources needed to advance their careers. Typically, the more technical the role, the more ambitious the employee.

These are the kind of perks that attract top talent. Once you build your brand, you must live up to your promises to keep the most skilled professionals on staff.

It doesn’t take an exorbitant budget to attract top talent. However, it does take persistence and the willingness to evolve to meet the ever-changing demands of the job seeker’s market. By ensuring that your organization is a place where professionals want to work, you can make sure that you always have access to the talent needed to drive your enterprise forward.

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