It is quite easy to lose ourselves in a crazy world. Of course, it’s a beautiful world, but a beautiful world filled with its bizarre moments. Anything can happen anytime.

And have you ever felt like isolating yourself, with all your doors locked, phone switched off, just you alone in a place? I get you, and it can be quite tasking to stay sane in this world, but I have a few tips that can help you create a safe space within yourself, even in a crazy world. 

Is it possible? You may ask. My dears, it is possible, perhaps difficult, but possible. So, here is the list:

Hold your journal close

I think one of the best ways to create a safe space for yourself is through journaling. I consider journaling a therapeutic activity; I journal a lot, which has helped me with my feelings. Whenever I feel down or inmy low state, and even when I am excited, I let it all out through my writing, and I call it my letter to God. 
You writing your feelings in a journal doesn’t make you weak or incapable of facing life; it’s a way of creating a world of your own. Just let it all out. No topic needed. Only you and your journal.

Have the right association

When you surround yourself with negative energy, you also draw in negative energy, which affects your inner self. Who do you move with? Who are those in your circle? I know it’s quite impossible not to meet those with bad vibes in life, but at least have positive energy-filled people in your circle that will chase out the bad vibes. 
Having the right association is crucial. Embrace those people whose words encourage you. Have people who will support and correct you, those who will lift you up and not bring you down. 

Talk to yourself

Apart from journaling, I talk to myself too. When someone uses hurtful words on me, I try my best not to take it to heart. I tell myself that I am beautiful. I remind myself that I am not a failure. I also bask in the fact that God has wonderfully and beautifully made me.
No, it is not crazy to talk to yourself. It is not crazy to look into the mirror, stare at your reflection, and say positive things to yourself. It is not crazy to give yourself a pep talk. So, try it sometimes, if you haven’t. 
Talking to yourself helps you create that space within you. Even when the world comes with its craziness, you know how to go about it because you have an inner safe space.

Know who and what to stay away from

 If you genuinely desire to have a safe space within you, it’s crucial to know who and what to stay away from. I will mention a few. Stay away from manipulators because they are just out there to make you go crazy. They know how to suck and drain your energy. The more you stay with them, the more drained you will become. 

Stay away from unnecessary pressure

Our society has created a pattern for us: after college, get a job, and then get married. So, not meeting these expectations may cause some pressure, which is totally unnecessary. Who says this is the only road to success?

Take breaks from social media

I know you want to check out beautiful pictures and catch up with the latest trends, but if you’re going to create a safe space within yourself, you need to consider taking social media breaks. During the EndSARS movement in Nigeria, I had to stay away from social media and viewing people’s status on WhatsApp because it was all getting to me. I was emotionally and mentally drained. So, I had to take time off, and I’m glad I did. It’s totally okay to take time off and focus on staying sane. 

Get adequate sleep

 I am no doctor, but I know that getting good sleep is beneficial to your mental health. A disturbed mind cannot create a safe space. When you do not sleep well, you need to watch it! It is important to pay attention to your sleeping pattern and ask questions. Do you get enough sleep? Do you wake up feeling tired and weak? You can only create a safe space within you when you’re well-rested. Sleep prepares your body to be mentally and physically fit. So, get a good sleep!

Creating a safe space in a crazy world helps you to maintain your sanity. Focus on yourself, and do not carry the world on your shoulders because it isn’t yours in the first place. 
Stay safe and stay sane.

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