How To Make Money With Multi-level Marketing In Nigeria

Multi-level marketing popularly known as network marketing is structured business based on recruiting others to join the business. This means that the more people you or your downliners can get, the more money you make.

Believe it or not, guys are kicking asses in network marketing. People are making so much money by availing themselves the opportunity of multi-level marketing.

During my NYSC orientation camp days, some of our keynote and motivational speakers were young entrepreneurs who were hitting it big with network marketing. One of the guys from Alliance International was just a young graduate and was already hitting Tens of millions. His car spoke volume of his worth.

It is no secret that the survival of GNLD in Nigeria and other parts of the world is not because people are getting poorer. Think that at your own peril.

Helping Hands International has made more millionaires in the last 3 years than any other venture can dream of in Nigeria. This is not fallacious since the cars given to members by the organization run into millions of naira. There you go.

Many multi-level marketing companies exist in Nigeria and beyond though we are not doing a review of Multi level marketing companies in Nigeria.

The biggest challenge of network marketing is the failure of ponzi and pyramid schemes in Nigeria. The task of every networker will therefore be to dispel the suspicions people have towards network marketing. How you do that and your ability to do that can be everything.

The above sounds scary right? Well, there is hope since the companies themselves are quickly gaining reputation in Nigeria. People are quickly following the trend of becoming less dependent on the government.

These notwithstanding, some still don’t think that it is a viable option. They are actually doing nothing and the only thing that is offered to them is probably too much for them. Their loss though.

If you are already part of a Multi-level marketing company and you are not making the expected money, you should try some these tips given below. Believe me, you will make it big.

Tips on how you can make money from Multi-level marketing

You gotta go for training man

You just have to train. There is really nothing else that makes sense. Really, multi-level marketing does not require a university degree or any formal qualification. That notwithstanding, new recruits have to be ready before being sent into the field to recruit others.

There is this wise saying that whatever thy hands findeth doing, do it with all thy might. Your might refers to your knowledge of the working principles of the company.

Imagine the embarrassment of having to always call your upliner for minute things as registration and others because you refuse to pay attention to little details.

Attend trainings in your locality or have your upliner go through the necessary things. You need to be ready and convinced before you can convince others.

The issue of training is a serious problem bedeviling most multi-level marketing companies. They just don’t give enough training to new recruits and this hampers their ability to make money for themselves and for their companies.

One of the greatest pitfalls of many network marketing companies is their failure to properly train recruits and equip them with the skills necessary to be successful. They just are very good in getting into your psyche, get you registered and hand your materials to you and it is to your tent oh Israel.

Resultantly, you are left with two options; remain where you are or get trained to move up. My guess is that you didn’t join that company to stay dormant. Then get up, get to training by joining up with groups on whatsapp and facebook regarding the company.

Those that are already in the company can offer insights on what you need to do and you can get to research on how they work. Thank God for Internet.

Be serious with the job

Nothing good comes easy bro. you have got to fight for it. You want the money to start flowing right? Then step up your game.

My secondary school principal used to tell us then “Blessed be the man so diligent in his works, for he shall sit amongst kings and not amongst mere men”. That was his favorite quote and we got it.

You know what he simply meant was that we should work hard. I’m telling you today that if you will get to that level when you don’t need to work again, you must as a matter of fact work hard today. Get your shit together and get serious with the job. Otherwise bro, you might as well forget multi-level market and continue playing Bet9ja.

Since networking starts with your effort, you have to manage yourself well so as to be able to manage your downliners.

Answer the “WHY” so that you can focus on the “HOW” of Multi-level Marketing

My man, why on earth are you into network marketing? I mean there are other things you can do. Most people do it to augment their income. That is very okay. On that note you can tackle the how.

Since you are already earning, it means you are probably a very busy person. That means you should be able to afford few hours a week to work on your links. You must work on them. No forget ooo.

On the other hand, if you are aiming at making this your full time job, man I must tell you that I’m proud of you. Very very proud of you man. You know it doesn’t end there. You have to give between 20 to 50 hours a week to it so that you can get the best out of it. Money will definitely come out from it except they are following you from your village.

Join the Multi-level marketing company with the product you like

We all can sell given different settings and under different circumstances. However, some people possess the inherent ability to sell. They can make you pay for something that is full of shit.

These people find it less difficult to partner with a multi-level marketing company. They are so good at what they do that getting downliners to partner with them is like a piece of cake. It is true because they are that good.

You my friend might not be a great salesman. Did you get it? A great salesman! But you can be a salesman.

There are things that you have flair and passion for that you give your all in convincing people because you actually believe the thing you are saying and in the things you are doing. This always work. You must be using that product and you should have testimonies to share. Don’t just rush, analyze these multi-level marketing companies and join the one that sells the product you like.

A friend shared an experience with a network marketer. The lady came to their office to market a product. Cream to be very precise. She told me that when she looked at her legs and her body, she was immediately turned off.

At this stage, whatever bullshit or facts you want to give about this product of yours, you might not be able to convince anybody.

You are the greatest testimony about the product you are marketing. I find it funny that someone telling me about becoming a billionaire is using bathroom slippers and torn clothes. You know that experience in parks. I almost never buy those books.

Money will come, just lay the ground work. Multi-level marketing has a formula. Follow it and add little innovation and you will most certainly be smiling to the bank.

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