How to Optimize Your Android for Better Gaming Performance

While most new Android smartphones come with big RAM, processor and even GPU for better gaming performance, there are still some Android devices that run on low specifications and this type of phones usually lags and performs slowly when used to play HD graphic games.

Android is the most popular OS used for smartphones today so no wonder game developers have focused more on developing games compatible with Android. In fact, there are Emulators that makes it possible to play PSP games on Android and you know most of these games has high graphics and features. So playing these big games can make your phone lag, slow down, overheat or even drain the battery. This is why you need to optimize your Android for a better gaming experience. Just follow these tips to boost your Android phone performance when playing some best mobile phone games.

How to Optimize Your Android for Better Gaming Performance

1 Update your Android Version

One of the main reasons why Android smartphones perform sluggishly is the old or outdated OS. To help boost the phone’s performance, you must make sure you update the OS and apps to the latest version. Just go to “about phone” and check for “system update”. Once you see a new version, do well to update it. Note that your phone must be charged fully before installing the update to avoid interruptions which might lead to bricking.

2 Disable Background Services

On default, your Android smartphone runs background services allowing apps to work even without your consent. This process can slow your phone down and it worsens when playing games. You really need to turn off background services to boost smartphone performance and this can be easily done by going to settings >> more >> data usage >> background data. Note that once you do this, you may no longer receive real-time notification from apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Gmail, etc.

3 Run a Virus Check

Another culprit of lagging smartphone is virus. A virus can make a high-end modern smartphone to slowly and affect gaming performance on the phone. Some viruses can silently install unknown apps on your device which in return hurts device performance. Some of these viruses can also display intrusive ads that affect gaming experience so you need to get rid of any virus in your phone. You can run a virus scan by installing a good anti-virus app like CM Security master app from play store.

4 Uninstall Unwanted Apps

Some of us are guilty of installing any app we feel is good but end up not using them later. If you doubt me, just open your app drawer and check all the apps installed on your device. You will surely see one or two apps that you don’t really use. Just uninstall them. The more apps you have installed, the more RAM and ROM the phone demands to run them. This will eventually lead to memory competition between the game and the numerous apps on your phone.

5 Enable Force 4x MSAA

Enabling Force 4x MSAA will certainly boost your Android performance but the downside is that it drains the battery. To enable this feature in your Android smartphone, go to settings >> about phone and tap on the “build number” 7 times to activate developer option. The developer option is usually hidden but can be enabled to activate some advanced Android settings.

6 Disable Animations

Animations can slow your smartphone down especially if it’s a low-end device so you need to turn it off to boost phone performance for the better gaming experience. However, this setting is not visible unless the “developer option” is enabled. Go to phone settings >> developer option and scroll down to locate the Window Animation Scale, then select the Animation scale 10x. For even more tweaks, you can also turn off the transition animation scale.

7 Turn Off Data, WiFi and Bluetooth

When the internet is active, it can not only slow down your device while playing games but can also activate ads to bump out. Some free game apps come with different kinds of ads which displays when they dictate an active network connection. You can download offline games such as Dream League Soccer and First Touch Soccer from mokoweb and some other gaming websites to play games smoothly without internet or wifi.


Gaming can be used to kill boredom and also catch fun but it becomes boring if it lags and slows your device. Therefore this article is for those of you that usually complain of low game performance on your device, these tips will help boost your smartphone performance when playing games. Even if you are playing a game on Samsung Galaxy Note 10, one day, you will look for ways to optimize the device.

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