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How to prioritize your mental Health while working a high-stress job.

To Prioritize your mental health while working a high stress job might seem impossible but shouldn’t be ruled out. With the right steps and proper planning, it can be implemented.

when we talk about priotizing your mental health, what exactly do we mean ? We are simply referring to allowing room in our lives for self care and relaxation to avoid burn out. Imagine you fell down and broke your hand, there would be urgent need to go see a doctor because excellent physical health is priority. So why shouldn’t the same rule apply to your mental health. Why do we have to wait till our mental health is exhausted before we seek the help that we need?

someone I interviewed once said Everyone gets stressed at work from time to time.i mean It’s tempting to answer emails after work, or skip lunch, but those sacrifices only lead to more stress.Dealing with stress at work involves taking care of yourself, don’t eat lunch at your desk, don’t answer work emails when you’re home, and take a mental health day if need be.

When the workload gets crazy, it’s all too easy to allow our mental well-being to be left by the wayside. The truth is, however, that our mental health affects every area of our lives. to perform at our best, to be the person we want to be, we have to understand that we must prioritize our mental health. If your goal is to be the best support you can be for a husband, wife, son, daughter, or other loved one going through a tremulous ordeal, then taking care of your mental health is a must.
Here are a few ways we can prioritize our mental health and still maintain a health workload balance;

Listening  to your inner voice 

By merely noticing the little voice that pops up in our head  and changing its words to those of positivity and support, is a massive leap towards improving your mental health. Learn to listen to the voice, it always drop hints on when to take a break and how to go about it. Sometimes it gives you hints eg you should go to the spa this weekend.

Create time for self care and be Accountable.

Self care is relative, for some of us it involves taking care of our body; going for a run, playing football etc while to another it might be getting into a skin care routine. Either ways the goal is to relax and be taken care of. Find out what method of self care you enjoy and apply it. 

Don’t forget to be accountable while doing this, you can get an accountability partner if it’s too much for you to handle alone.


Always take your lunch breaks


We think that to work relentlessly and to forgo lunchbreaks during the day is evidence of passion, commitment, and investment. This in a word is shortsighted, Simply put people are more effective when they take regular breaks and that includes eating lunch away from your laptop. Employees are encouraged to take 15-minute breaks in the morning and afternoon, in addition to going on walks and clearing their head as needed. This, I believe, allows our minds to reset and declutter so that when we come back to our work, it is with a clear head.

Exercise regularly

Our physical health directly impacts our mental health.If we neglect our bodies we put ourselves in a deeper hole. It’s not always easy, but you can make it compulsory to prioritize your mental health.

Whether your company assists you with this or not, think of it as another means of investing in your mental acuity. 


Take mental Health days when needed.

Mental health days help you set blocks of time with which you could reset. They help you maintain a sort of balanced perspective in which you see your work as merely a facet of my life — not my entire life. Like taking 30 minutes to exercise or eating lunch away from your laptop, allowing yourself to take mental health days amounts to investing in your improved ability to focus and be productive while you’re at work. Humans are not machines. Just as we can’t operate at 100% capacity without breaks all day, we can’t operate at optimal efficiency all year without ever taking a meaningful amount of time be it a day or a week away from the office. 


Unplug from work when at home

To truly protect your mental health you must set aside time in addition to lunches and daily breaks that’s solely for you and your family. If you find yourself always checking your email at home, or always monitoring Slack, you’re never giving yourself essential time to appreciate your loved ones or the things that make you happy.

It’s tempting to forfeit your entire life to the people you’re in charge of and the initiatives you want badly to succeed. But giving yourself so holistically to your work breeds resentment and, in time, erodes happiness.

You will benefit immensely from ensuring that your time at home, when you are not at the office, is spent solely with your family, members of my church, or reading a great book. We can only be effective as professionals if we remain cognizant of who we are and what we love doing as people. Being a person comes first.

Delegate your responsibilities at work

Finally, remember not to push yourself past your breaking point.The truth is, if you accept more responsibility than you can handle, you’ll end up doing more damage than good. So, when you reach your breaking point, don’t try and barrel past it.

Define what your boundaries are, speak up when you’ve reached them, and delegate some of your responsibilities to your colleagues. If this sounds hard, you’re not alone. It’s understanding that many ambitious, inspired people suffer from this same false belief which is this idea that you have to do everything yourself. It’s a belief compounded by the anxiety that if you’re not pushing yourself past your limits of capacity, you’re not doing enough to get ahead or succeed.

 But your ambition cannot supersede the importance to priotize your mental health. Because at a certain point, overworking really does become unproductive.At the end of the day, in order to be most effective, you have to be happy, healthy, and mentally balanced. 

In some ways protecting your mental health is your first and most important responsibility as an enterprising professional. It’s an ongoing project you can’t afford to neglect even when you get that late night Slack message.  https://www.instagram.com/p/CKOIMmqgd4T/?igshid=11fvm58vx7dzu

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