Hubs, Incubators, Accelerators and Co-working spaces

Words: Elizabeth Kolade

Connecting, collaborating and networking are great steps towards success. These are some of the awesomeness that Hubs, Incubators, Accelerators and Co-working spaces bring your way.

A Harvard business review article highlighted that employees who work from co-working spaces thrive majorly. This highlights how Hubs, Incubators, Accelerators and Co-working spaces help build businesses. It’s a place to find like-minded people. So if you are starting out or looking for a work environment with all of its awesomeness, you should consider one of these.

Which is right for you?

To know which is right for you, you need to know what they are and the possibilities they hold for you.

Hubs: Hubs give entrepreneurs a head start. It is a good place to generate leads and contacts. One of the amazing things about the hub is the cross pollination of ideas. The constant meetups to help its occupants grow and explore ideas. It is a less tense working environment.

Accelerators: also known as seed accelerators offer programs that include mentorship, seed investments into startups in exchange for equity, workspace, formal networking opportunities, resources, investors and a lot more. You apply to get into an accelerator.

Incubators provide you benefits in exchange for equity or for a low to no upfront fee. Some of the benefits of an incubator are co-working space, resources, business development opportunities, angel investors, mentors and a lot of other services. To get into an incubator you either apply or are referred to the incubator by their trusted partners.

Co-working Spaces basically offers a shared working environment. People who work from co-working spaces are not necessarily employed by the same organization. It is a good place to start if you don’t have the capacity or don’t want to make long term real estate commitments. Co-working spaces are flexible, you can scale according to your needs. They offer workspace, infrastructure, resources, support staff, conference room, and a lot more can happen from co-working spaces either formally or informally.


Each and every day, Hubs, Incubators, Accelerators and Co-working spaces spring up. The rate at which small businesses are not only thriving but also making major impact in  the society is rising daily, the numbers don’t look like they will stop counting and we hope not. I took a look around the city of Abuja – FCT with a very impressive number of these amazing spaces, here are a few you should pay a visit sometime soon.

  1. Enspire Incubator: with a focus area on Tech, Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Enspire offers business support services. Their service offers come in forms of programs like Pre-incubation, incubation, Business clinic, Tech lounge, Office hours and a whole lot more.

Enspire’s service proposition is centered on fostering business growth and success with the rule of no holds barred to innovative solutions and complete business support services that can be accessed by every company or individual admitted into the incubator. Enspire really is a platform for facilitating the growth of viable technology businesses in Nigeria.


  1. Ventures Platform (VP) is a seed stage fund and accelerator that actively finds, funds and supports innovative companies solving real problems across the African continent. VP is said to host the smartest entrepreneurs solving real problems across the continent. Taking a look at the VP squad, you will definitely want your business to grow under their tutelage. VP is interested in working with hungry goal getters and founders who are determined to succeed.

VP is determined to provide all you will need to succeed because they believe entrepreneurs will change the continent.


  1. Box Office Incubator offers professional and personable services. They have an understanding on starting businesses so they come just handy to save new businesses the pressure. Box office offers inspiring co-working space, incubation programs, inspiring business networking events and a lot more. They create the environment, services and opportunities for ideal business growth.




  1. Civic Innovation Lab (CIL) is a community of creative minds leveraging technology. CIL provides a collaborative environment for entrepreneurs who are creating social and environmental impact in Nigeria.

CIL looks to solve the most pressing problems of the society by merging technology with creative and innovative social solutions. Their different workspace facilities include team rooms, the civic lab, business lounge, code café, the launch pad and the outdoor patio.


Depending on your requirements am sure you will definitely find something that suites you amongst the list. Their Open house events accessible to the general public is a good time to pay a visit and am sure you will be convinced you would love to work from these really inspiring spaces.

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