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Ills of 24/7 Hustle for Entrepreneurs and How to Prevent It

I’ve heard stories of some business founders who’ve got gray hair during their first year of the big hustle.

Don’t get me wrong, any business especially start-ups do require a lot of hard-work and responsibilities. But you should not let it turn to an eternal never-ending hustle. You might be digging your own grave as excessive stress can cause mental, physical and medical breakdown of the human system. Balance is what we should work on nowadays. We should not forget how to live life, what gives us joy, and how to breathe again.

We don’t go surfing despite living by the ocean. We don’t spend time with our families and friends. We forget to eat, laugh, dance, even just listen to music for the sake of art!

Dear business owners please Wake up! And stop listening to all the bullshit modern “gurus” tell you about hustling from every corner of Google (sounds ridiculous, I know). They also started somewhere and didn’t build their empires overnight. A few years ago, nobody knew who they were.

How to have fun while building business/working on a project?

  • Surrender!

I presume to are familiar with phrase “surrender to God” right (smiles) same way henceforth you should get conversant with the phrase “Surrender to life”. Just sit down and think of what you enjoy or love to do.  Morning coffee in a favorite cafe in silence? Afternoon walks in you compound or street? Beach picnics with friend and family? Sunset surfing? Make sure to include them to your calendar with the same excitement you add meetings to it. Plan it in advance and commit to doing it, no matter what.

  • Make your life (not work) a priority.

You are living your life here, and now; it was not made for a 24/7 hustle. It was made for all sorts of experiences that make it rich. Work is a part of life. Enjoy every moment, plan your rest too – visualize it! Make your work a single, not an album.

  • Move!

We forget, that movement is life. Now we sit all day long surrounded by gadgets. It makes us sick. So many diseases are connected to no movement! Ask Google. Again, add it to your calendar. Choose what physical activities bring you joy and go for it at least 2-3 times a week.

  • Stop waiting for something all the time.

We wait when our life is going to change, when we earn our first 6-7 figures, when we build a profitable business, when we buy a house, a car, when we travel again when this and that. Have your goals, but live now. The future is going to come. Build it step by step, but don’t live in the future. Take it easy.

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