Kajuru Castle

It is nothing short of breathtaking as it seats gently on a hill. With its rather warm view, it is bound to excite and interest you. The Castle which dates back to 1989, was built by German business man Gerhard Huebner, and this edifice can bring your way enthralling experiences. With its uniquely styled structure, and medieval pattern, Kajuru castle is an illustration of royalty.

The castle which has dungeon styled rooms, suits and armors, plus a beautiful pool is the perfect spot for lovers who want to shut out all the noise, and bond in a perfectly serene environment. Family and friends can also have some serious fun. With its 4 bedrooms, barbeque pit and Finnish sauna, the Kajuru castle is one of a kind.

History is always beautiful, that is why stories and concepts of it, will always excite this generation. Kajaru castle is history and class in one place, all at once, and it shows you a perfect form of beauty and peace, and helps you create those lovely memories.

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