There’s always a debate about whether entrepreneurs are made or born. Can you learn to be a great entrepreneur?

I believe there’s definitely room to develop yourself as an entrepreneur and one of the best ways to move your entrepreneurial learning forward is to observe the entrepreneurs around you.

I was lucky enough to have several business owners in my family my grandma and my mother. I probably didn’t realize it at the time, but observing them “behind the scenes” of their businesses were my earliest lessons in what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Thinking back on their behaviors and decisions, I realize that some of my core values as a business owner were formed from seeing them in action.

It’s hard to imagine some of the most successful entrepreneurs as they once were: wide-eyed children, dependent on their parents for guidance and protection. How did they get where they are today? Who molded them into the savvy, independent industry experts they’ve become? Behind many successful entrepreneurs is a mother who encouraged, taught and loved unconditionally and that is my story.

When I was a kid, my mom started her own company. I remember her sitting us down for a family meeting when I was 10 and saying she wanted to leave her  day job and start her own business. At the time, I didn’t really understand the magnitude of starting your own company (especially while supporting a family), but I saw her pour everything she had into her idea and build a great company.

Ten years later, when I got the idea for my own business, I felt confident in going all-in because I’d seen my mom do the same thing.

It’s been easy to see Mom as a heavy influencer in my entrepreneurial journey because of her  experience. She’s been a huge influencer on my entrepreneurial spirit.

As an entrepreneur, I discovered invaluable lessons as I sat at the feet of my mother. The fundamental principles she taught helped me to start and launch a successful business as an adult.

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