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Photography can it be defined ?

When asked to define photography, do we simply begin by asking ourselves what is photography? Or do we just dive straight in and say it as it is.

Some people say photography is a box of memories and moments in itself. While some others say  it is such a powerful idea as it gives you the power to capture special moments that can go on to last a lifetime and even more. In recent times we have seen people show more interest towards photography-either as a hobby or a career. However, some people still don’t understand the art behind photography.

We know how art is, and how it always goes with a meaning and significance, regardless of how complex, distorted or simple it is, it always aligns itself with a story. The same applies to photography pictures should offer that, as a photographer you should always look to capture pure moments, moments you will love and reflect on, again and again, if you could.

Also, avoid picking an interest, for just the showoff, photography is certainly not a fashion item, it highlights fashion as the “item” to be captured. So it is more than just an aesthetic or fashion vibe, it involves the crafting of an art.

What are my recommendations

A deep understanding of the art of photography.

I recommend a deep understanding of the concept of the art of photography.You learn that art is also infinite, it never ends, it molds and remolds itself, it tells stories that come through multiple perspectives- art is timeless. 

Let your photography define your seriousness in terms of its significance to you, but don’t become all the way “too serious” so that you don’t end up becoming a boring photographer.

Be in touch with your emotions 

Always be in touch with your emotions, while taking pictures, that connection could be the difference between a good shot  and a bad shot.

Enjoy your journey.

Enjoying  your photography journey is a must, live out your fantasies, explore your creativity. Normalize going to places that interest you, exploring concepts that excite you, take risks and create “your pictures”. It is important to your photography journey, it is your story, define it’s experience.

I know that some of us pursue photography as a career and that’s fine. I mean it is your career and you must make money from it, but strike a balance between money and art. Don’t let money overshadow your creative ability.

Set goals.

Set goals for yourself, this is important. Ambition fuels passion, open up your mind to dreams and goals. These goals will create a propelling motion that will eventually always propel you to want to keep learning, growing, and exploring.

Look to explore and play with perspective, it is one viable way of setting yourself apart, the ability to be creative, always goes a long way.

In all don’t forget where you started with your journey, let it be a reference point to you and future creatives.

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