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Plants Receive Gas As Power Supply Increases By 4,257MW.

    Thermal power plant in Nigeria, has been supplied with gas and this has improved power generation by 4,257 megawatts. The transmission company of Nigeria (TCN), made this announcement in Abuja on Wednesday.
On Mon,TCN revealed that the power sector is experiencing power supply shortage due to low gas supply. This, TCN said, had being a serious constraint in the past weeks to most of the nation’s thermal generating stations.
Data from the VP’s office, showed that gas unavailability stalled the generation of 4,156.5mw of power on March 28, 2020. #2bn was also lost by the Power industry, due to its inability to generate considerable electricity on that same day. (Link – power supply worsens due to gas shortage)
   Latest power report from the office of the Vice President, showed an improvement in gas supply. The effects was noticed on the quantum of energy that was sent out to power users on March 30, 2020.
It was observed that the transmitted power energy was 273.48MW higher than what was generated the previous day.
   TCN, said the intervention of NNPC’S management, had helped in addressing the issue of gas availability to thermal power plant.
   This, the TCN noted, had significantly improved gassupply to gas generation stations nation wide. TCN, expressed it’s gratitude to the NNPC, generation companies distribution companies and TCN personnels on duty posts nation wide . TCN also appreciated its other sector players for sustaining the power grid despite the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic.
    TCN had last month, vowed to sustain power transmission despite the challenges posed by the Coronavirus outbreak. According to the president, TCN branch of SSAEAC, Abidemi Dairo, the management has been proactive since the overbreak of the pandemic. TCN, has also been ensuring the protection of its workers.
    TCN’s general manager, public affairs Ndidi Mbah, said, most power plants previously experiencing gassupply shortage had started generating power to the grid. Mbah, said that TCN is working with NNPC in resolving the challenge of gas availability to thermal power plant.
   “If the trend continues, the problem of gas supply to power plants will be resolved in a matter of hours. Also distribution companies, as well as Point load consumers of electricity will be adequately served”, she said.
    TCN, has promised to continue working hard to ensure sustainable transmission of electricity. TCN, wants to  meet the power demand of electricity users across the country.

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