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Scientists discover a sign of life in venus.

Scientists have discovered a sign of life in venus.

In a major announcement, the team of scientists is claiming to have detected trace amounts of phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus.

 This is an odd  and potentially monumental finding.

Venus which is one of the most inhabitable places in the solar systems contains; possible signal of life in its atmosphere, according to new research published. 

The signal in question is phosphine, which on Earth, is produced almost exclusively by anaerobic microorganisms. That is, creatures that thrive on oxygen free environments.

This gas, annotated as PH3, is often found in marshes and wetlands and is highly flammable.

To be clear, the authors of the new paper, led by astronomer Jane Greaves from Cardiff University, are not claiming that the detected phosphine is evidence of life on Venus.

Rather, the authors say the surprising presence of phosphine on Venus is now a question in need of an answer.

As the authors explained, during a press conference held earlier yesterday, the phosphine is either being produced by unknown chemical processes or by life itself.

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