Seven Wedding Destinations Across Nigeria

One might ask why a “Destination Wedding” why not just save money and time, isn’t it just to exchange vows and go home? No Honey it has more to just exchanging vows. Some would say, why not just acquire a good weeding hall and have your wedding but it might shock you to know that there are many Destination Wedding Venues in Nigeria which are pretty affordable and luxurious.
Most couples chose Destination Weddings for so many reasons, some might want to impress family and friends while other would just want to have the experience and memories and a whole lot of reasons.
However, for whatever reason the couple decides to have a Destination Wedding, there are places in Nigeria that will wow your interest and trigger your fantasy. Each of these location promises iconic sights and will appeal to your guests.
Some of these amazing wedding destination in Nigeria includes;
Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort which signifies a tribute to the Ekiti people of Nigeria, remains one of the most affordable and rich location for a Destination wedding in the southwestern part of Nigeria. It is highly rich in history and endowed with amazing and exquisite photograph opportunities. The Ikogosi Resort is popular for the wooden foot bridge which surrounds the forest nearby where visitors can tour and explore. The Warm Spring is however few kilometers away from the resort. You can imagine how much fun and entertainment you will receive at the Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort.
2. Zenababs Half Moon Resort
Osun State
Zenababs Half Moon Resort is a beauty to behold. This resort which is one-of-a-kind is spread over a large expanse of Osun State’s colossal water bodies and dense forest. It has a serene and calm environment which makes it just perfect for a Destination Wedding location. It also offers low-cost meals and budget rooms. This grandiose resort located in a central part of Ilesha exhibits a beautiful architectural piece, is a great hideout from the redneck and neighbourhood. Couples and visitors can enjoy the various activities at Zenababs Half Moon Resort and enjoy a perfect view of the resort from their rooms.
3. Atican Beach
Ajah, Lagos
Atican private beach located at Abraham Adesanya Estate, Okun Ajah, Lagos is one of the most beautiful place to be especially on the very memorable day like a wedding day. The environment is a quiet a serene one to relax, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Most attractively, the beauty of this resort centre stems from its all-inclusive view, glowing seaside, crystalline sea, rousing scenery, and ceaseless white sands. Spice up that great day of your life by spending some time with your spouse in the outdoor pool at the Atican Beach. At the Atican Beach, couples are assured of being in an environment where there is a perfect blend of privacy and luxury, which is the dream of most couples
4. Casa Ilashe
Victoria Island, Lagos
Casa Ilashe private beach is located in 16B Akin Olugbade Street, Victoria Island, it is a place to be and be happy with the wonderful work of nature. Casa Ilashe beach offers visitors a good opportunity to escape the fast-paced city life. This 12-bedroom private beach club which has an unruffled and calm ambience is a great place for private parties and beach weddings. This location is most suitable for couples that love privacy and would want to have a very private wedding. It also has an open lounge area, Wi-Fi access, a swimming pool, a bar and a restaurant
The recurring theme of this beach is to create a place where visitors can come and relax, rejuvenate, be reborn and experience the best moments of live. Visitors are sure to be captivated by the sound of the waves occasionally crashing against the shore in addition to the harmony coming from the birds, vacillating between trees.
5. Suntan Beach and Resorts
Badagary, Lagos
When people think of having a Destination Wedding in Badagry, they often think of the popular Whispering Palms Resort .But do you know that’s not all there is to experience a splendid time at Badagry? The Suntan Beach Resorts sits like a hidden jewel in the heart of Badagry. Couples are provided with a very exciting experience like sitting under the wings of the Palm Tree while watching the ocean dance to the music of the wind. This place is significant for its quietude and serene environment.
The Most interest part of the Suntan Beach is the fact that there is a marriage registry very close to it, meaning they have couples in mind, isn’t that funny and amazing at the same time? Well I guess it is. There also are activities like going horse riding and taking a fishing expedition. Just for the record, if you are in the group of ‘about to wed’ and you have imagined what it would be like to have a wedding on the beach, then luck has just shone on you because Santa Beach and Resorts is the best location you could ever ask for.
6. Abraka Turf and Country Club
Abraka, Delta State
If your partner loves fairly tales then Abraka Turf and country club should be your dream Destination. The grass is greener on the other side they say Abraka Turf and Country Club aptly reflects this statement perfectly. It is located in the oil-rich region of Delta State. Known for its unnaturally pure waters and rich aquatic community, this location is ideal for a Destination Wedding venue. It has asserted itself as a force to be reckoned with in Nigeria, when it comes to providing quintessential comfort and delicate cuisine. Most excitingly, it is an eco-friendly environment which allows visitors breathe in fresh and untainted air. The Abraka Turf and country club engulf its visitors with its calm and serene ambience. Apart from the above, the location has facilities like golf court, polo field, and swimming pool as well as very affordable accommodation. It’s no question that this is a choice destination for hosting a wedding and other romantic and memorable events.
This resort is duly equipped with state-of-the-art facilities like a standard golf course, tennis court and couples can engage in activities like canoeing, deep river diving, and fishing after the wedding.
Finally, you don’t need to travel abroad in search of greener pastures, just visit the Abraka Turf and Country Club.
7. Kamp Ikare Beach Resort
Ikare, Lagos
Located on the outskirts of Lagos, the elegance of Kamp Ikare Beach Resort stems from its all-inclusive view, glowing seaside, crystal clear sea, thrilling scenery, and seamless white sands. One thing that makes Kamp Ikare Beach outstanding is the fact it is not frequented by too many folks, so couples are assured of being in an environment where there is a perfect blend of privacy and luxury for their Destination Weddings.

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