Step Away from the Keyboard: Physical Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business

On average, businesses spend about $45,000 on digital marketing every year. It’s easy to see why. Billions of people use the internet and are active on social media.
However, this doesn’t mean physical marketing is no longer effective. In fact, small and large businesses still market their products and services offline.
Have you come home with a flyer lately? Received a couple of letters from various companies? That’s physical marketing in play, and you too can use it to reach new customers and increase sales.
Continue reading to learn a couple of physical marketing ideas you can implement.
  • Business Cards
In the Digital Age, you’d think business cards would fizzle out. On the contrary, these cards are still in use, and they’re gaining even more users. 22 million business cards are printed every single day.
Here’s the more interesting bit. For every 2,000 cards you hand out, your sales will increase by 2.5 percent!
Considering the low cost of creating business cards, you can afford to hand out as many cards as possible. Just make sure the design is catchy but professional; otherwise, recipients will toss them in the garbage bin.
  • Direct Mail
As a business, you certainly have some data about your customers. If this data includes their postal mail address, then direct mail marketing should be one of your offline marketing strategies.
Even though email is fast and more convenient, people are open to receiving direct mail, be it a letter, postcard, or brochure. They’ll take some minutes to go through the details on the mail piece and see what your company is saying. If your mail pieces are crafted creatively, you’ll catch customer’s attention and possibly prompt them to take the desired action.
  • Show Up at a Trade Show
When did you last attend a trade show?
If you’re anything like most small business owners, you’ve probably gone to several trade events in your individual capacity. But you’ve never taken your business.
Given that most small businesses are running on shoestring budgets, not many have the money to pay for travel expenses and set up a booth at trade shows. However, the effort can be worth it as trade shows offer a prime opportunity to market your business and make sales.
Trade show attendees are always eager to learn about new exciting products or services in the market. Rest assured people will pass by your booth to see what you have going on. Ensure you have some well-branded giveaways to hand out.
  • Get Involved in Your Local Community
As a small business, your local community makes up your target audience.
As such, it makes business sense to invest in the same community. An effective way to do this is to sponsor a local event, such as a sports day. You don’t have to fund the entire event; just getting involved in some way, such as distributing bottled water (carrying your business branding, of course), is enough to attract attention to your business.
  • Embrace Physical Marketing
It’s understandable that digital marketing might be taking much of your time and budget, but you also have every reason to invest in physical marketing. Give the ideas introduced above a try.
Good luck and keep reading our blog for more business tips.

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