Sudan declares a state of emergency due to flood

For the past few months, the  heavy rainfalls and the swelling Nile has led to the death of 99 people, 46 others being injured and over 100,000 houses collapsing. According to the official statistics, the Nile’s floodwater this year is has been higher than that of 1946 and 1988, when it had flooded to threatening levels.Khartoum, Sudan’s security and defence council has declared a state of emergency due to the floods caused by heavy rains and the swelling Nile.After a meeting led by the sovereign council Chairman Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, the security an Defence council determined the potential of the floods to become a bigger natural disaster which would require attention urgently.The meeting by Sudan’s top decision making organ formed a supreme committee to prevent and address the effect of the rain. The meeting will be headed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development and have membership of all other ministries ,agencies and states with competence to coordinate and employ the right resources and also integrate local ,regional and global roles. The minister of labor and social development Lina Alsheikh stated that the size of the human losses and material damage shows that about sixteen states had been affected by the flood. He further stated said “more than half a million people and 100,000 homes have been affected either partially or has been totally destroyed.Sudan’s irrigation and Water Resources Ministry earlier said that the Nile River has registered unprecedented levels at most of it upper sources.

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