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The Best Startups Begin With The Best Business Logo Ideas

When you’ve decided to start your own business, it’s easy to feel like the concept of “branding” is over-rated.
After all, you already have so many things on your to-do list, like hiring employees, finding a store space, and getting your inventory and insurance in order.
Do you really need to worry about coming up with business logo ideas?
Remember that your professional logo is often the very first thing customers will notice about your business.
Your logo also helps to increase your brand recognition, so that those customers can keep your brand’s name in their minds when they need what you have.
So, what are some of the best ideas for designing a truly epic logo?
Read on to find out.

1. A Local Landmark

If you’re a local business, then one of the fastest ways to get your target market’s attention is to include a drawing or outline of a popular local landmark in your custom logo design.
For example, if you’re ready to open your own dog-walking business, include a drawing of your local park in your logo (since you’ll be taking dogs there).
If you’re a tourism company, including your city’s most-visited landmark in your logo design makes perfect sense.
We also love the idea of including your city’s skyline in your logo design. This is an option that a B2B company might consider, as it implies a strong knowledge of the needs of your local market.

2. A Portrait of the Founder

Especially if you know that your personality itself is a huge part of your brand, or if you’re a one-person show, consider including yourself in your business logo design.
This idea works especially well for individual shop owners, freelance writers, independent web designers, tutors, and even professional entertainers who perform at parties.
You know that people want to have the chance to interact with you just as much as they want to make a purchase from you.
Make sure they know that the person representing your company is a person they already know and like by including your picture on your logo. This is also a great idea if you’ve been doing individual one-off or occasional gigs for a while, and are ready to transition into turning your hobby into a business.

3. A Unique Symbol

Often, companies get so caught up in selecting a central image for their logo, that they forget about the possibility of using a singular symbol instead.
After all, if Prince can do it, why can’t your brand?
As an example, think about what the infinity loop/symbol communicates. It stands for connectedness, eternity, commitment, and security.
Tell a graphic designer about the emotions you want your brand to evoke, and give them a list of several words you’d use to describe your brand. They’ll be able to generate tons of cool logo ideas in a symbol format from that information alone.
If you’re looking to generate buzz before your business launches and make your target market feel an emotional connection to your brand, post pictures of your top design choices on social media.
Then, ask your followers to vote on their favorite design, and pick the most popular one.
Your market will love knowing they had some input in your brand’s creative process.

4. Feature Your Main Product

Especially if you’re a start-up that’s selling a singular product (like an eye mask, an energy drink, or even a new multivitamin) that product needs to be front and center when it comes to your professional logo.
You can surround the image with a circular text of your company’s name, or you can place your company’s name underneath or above the central image.
To make sure that a consumer’s eye is drawn directly towards the image of your product, we suggest going with a bright, single-color background. Think colors like oranges, reds, and yellows – all shades that demand attention.
If possible, don’t add too much detail to the picture of your product.
You don’t want those smaller details to get muddled or overly pixelated when you resize your logo for business cards and social media profile pictures.

5. Fast and Furious Logo Design Tips

If you want your logo to be awesome, there are a few things you need to take into consideration.
Make sure that your logo design is legible regardless of its size. Don’t design your logos based off of current design trends. Instead, focus on using evergreen symbols and colors that will look just as great as they do now in 30 years.
You should also ensure that your logo doesn’t look too similar to your competitors’. You don’t want a lawsuit, nor do you want your customers thinking you’re just providing a lesser version of something that’s already out there.
Finally, make sure your design is relevant to your business. Customers should be able to infer what you sell or offer by looking at your logo alone.
Start Using These Business Logo Ideas.
We hope that these business logo ideas have you ready to start sketching up a few potential designs of your own.
Of course, having the perfect logo is just one of the many aspects of your business’s branding strategy.
Need assistance with developing a brand voice? Want customized retail packaging? Curious about how to write a helpful, to-the-point brand strategy outline to give to designers and other freelancers you’ll hire?
Our blog is here to tell you how to do all that and more.
Bookmark us today to make sure your startup outpaces your competitors and captures the attention of your market.

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