The Three Vacations Every Entrepreneur Must Take

Let me remind you that all work and no play make Jack a dull a boy. There is always the need to recharge your batteries and renew your energy level if you must continue to operate at an optimal level.

So, while setting up other goals every now and then and wanting to achieve another breakthrough, remember that you must, as a matter of fact, take cognizance of the need to unplug and relax for a few days or weeks even.

While the need for a vacation is directly linked to the performance and output level, it is also a way to maintain physical, mental and emotional health.

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is to look for the perfect time to take a break and there seems to be no perfect time because there is always something to be done. I suggest you make sure you don’t fall into that trap.

According to the CEO of Ontraport, “Entrepreneurs who lead fulfilling lives are the best leaders, period. They allow themselves the freedom to vacation and garner new ideas and perspectives while reducing stress. My advice? Take a trip that centers around something you’re passionate about.”

This is why I want to enlighten aspiring entrepreneurs on the need for these vacations every entrepreneur must have. The truth is that you may already know them but you may not have viewed them as exigent as they should be.

3 Vacations Every Entrepreneur should have

 • The vacation for yourself

The first kind of vacation you need is the one that you need for just yourself. It does not involve any other person. It is always pertinent to take some time to personally renew your energy and recharge without the responsibility of catering for others. The location will be yours to decide but it will be decided by the things that help you recharge.

The places you will visit will have all that you require to have a great time and will receive the right inspiration. I believe you know what makes you better and the places you will get them.

While it is not always the best cause of action to travel solo, you should know that it will take traveling solo to enjoy certain vacations. Get your gear ready and book the next flight to where you will have one the vacations every entrepreneur must have.

  • The vacation with your spouse or partner

While taking a vacation solo is great, it does not solve all the problems. There are times you will need to travel with someone.

Now the trick is knowing the right person to travel with. Forgive me but you cannot just wake up and start traveling with anybody you want to travel with. You will need to travel with your spouse or your partner. That makes it more interesting.

Except your spouse is wrong, the person is meant to be a great source of inspiration and motivation and the time away with the person provides you the ample opportunity to recharge and refuel.

If you are married with kids, it makes it more intriguing. Parenting can take its toll on relationships and taking time away from the kids can be a great way to recharge and rekindle your love. As a matter of fact, there is a direct relationship between the kind of person you marry and the success of an entrepreneur attains.

  • The vacation with your family

There is no alternative to spending some time with your family. You create memories when you leave the comfort of your home and the place you are used to spending quality time with your family. This is the last of the vacations every entrepreneur must have.

You really don’t have to do something very outlandish or lavish but just time away from home could be all you need.

The emotional implication is enormous. It gives the right balance to explore the workspace. I will explain.

If you have a family that is always not connected with each other as a result of the lack of quality time, it will translate to emotional distress at work. You are going to have certain obstructions at work because you will have it at the back of your mind.

Now juxtapose the above scenario with someone who is attuned with his family and enjoys the bliss of love and care. The person performs optimally and gets the right ideas across to the family. One of the biggest motivations for success is usually the family.


In a world of constant change and stress especially for the entrepreneur, taking one break or vacation can pose a daunting task. How can we be talking about three? This is likely the question on your mind and it is understandable but the truth is that you need to understand the need for this break. It makes you more effective and efficient.

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