The Unique Approaches To Your Business That Can Help You Stand Out

Having an idea for a business can really consume you. The best ideas tend to come to you in some form of lightbulb moment. You are there perhaps eating your lunch or working on your computer and then BOOM, you have an idea and it just won’t go away. Some people set about taking that leap of faith for their new business venture right there and then, others take the time to nurture their ideas and grow it in their mind so they can be sure of the steps they want to take.
Fast forward to today and you have probably launched this new venture and in your opinion are doing well. However, like all small businesses, you face that gruelling first year to make things happen and of course in what can be a saturated market, you are all looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. It is essential that you think outside of the box when it comes to advertising your business, growing your audience and also expansion as you start to make this business become more of a success than it is today.
With that in mind, here are some unique approaches you can make with your business.
  • Have a business blog
One of the first things you could consider would be a business blog. This is a great way to help spread the message of your business through the medium of blog content, but it can also help your website to become more credible when it comes to search engine results. A business blog can be an extension of your own website, or could be on a seperate domain entirely. Both of which will help you with your SEO. It can be a great sales tool for your business and an ideal way to engage and reach out to your audience. You can share varied different content ideas such as a sales oriented post where you may share some discounted prices or information about products or services.
You could also look into sharing things such as topical posts where there could be information that can help your clients or customers. There are so many different options and a blog can be a great way to engage with your audience. It also naturally becomes content that you can advertise and share on your social media platforms, as well as in groups on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Create video content
A great tip would be to try out a different form of advertising. You may have already looked at a blog and perhaps advertise through social media, but what about using a different type of content to share on these platforms? This is when creating video content could be a very easy way to engage with your audience. Capturing content and then even uploading music behind it can add a dynamic to the video content and also help capture the mood you are wanting to create through the content. Video content can be another easy way to advertise, as more people tend to be more captured by visuals, be that photography or video.
You may also want to enhance the videos that you create with things such as closed captioning services. This can enable you to make your content global and appeal to an international audience,as you can translate the content indifferent languages, or just use it as subtitles so that people are not alienated with they struggle listening and understanding audio.
Use social media and express your personality through it.
Social media is one of the best ways to interact with your customers, however, if you really want to be a bit different and also to humanise your business in some way then use tools like Instagram stories or Facebook lives. This can be instant live video feeds and can give insight into your business and your personality. People buy from people, and so allowing your customers to have a glimpse of who you are as a business owner can really capture the imagination of everyone who views the content. It isn’t just about taking advantage of visuals, which happen to be one of the best ways to draw the attention of your customers and clients, but you can also humanise your business with the content copy you share.
Don’t be afraid to add a little personality to your sales posts. Be genuine when it comes to the content and topical posts that you share. This is when a strategy can help you come up with a plan, and to also be more aware of when to share a certain type of post, so that you feed isn’t too sales orientated, or not including enough sales posts to entice your customers to do business with you.
Thinking about your photography and video captures.
It is all well and good branching out and trying different content types and sharing, but if your photography and videography is not up to scratch, then it will be pointless. Placing a focus on the type of images that you share can be a big step in the right direction. Take some time out to think about how you capture certain things, maybe trying a different angle, or looking at different ways to help enhance the way it looks. You may even want to think about a theme when it comes to the type of images you share, or the colour palette. This is when editing can be important and essential to the way you platforms look. Making them unformed and on brand.
  • Work within your local community
A great way to think outside of the box when it comes to your business is to look at the local community and get involved in any way that you can. This might mean that you can create local events or maybe sponsor current events as a form of advertising. You could join forces with other businesses in the area and really boost your existence. It is a great way to ensure that you can make more of who you are and being known as an expert in your local area for what your business can do is a great way to develop and expand your business. As you change areas or expand in other locations, you can follow the same process.
Many people underestimate the power of the local community, but with more people wanting to do what they can to support local and smaller businesses, this could be an excellent sales opportunity for you to take advantage of. Another way to advertise locally would be to focus on local social media groups where businesses can advertise,e this should give you direct access to your target audience. Last of all, many communities have magazines for the community that get delivered to every household, again this could be an excellent advertising opportunity.
Expand your product or service range quickly.
Everyone wants success, and so why not take the bull by its horns and really go for it. You could expand your product or services range quickly, and why wouldn’t you? You can really just go for it and take advantage of early success. It certainly could be recommended. Of course, you do need to think about the investment side of things, and sometimes you want to be cautious with what you make and spending the profits, but reinvesting quickly can give you greater success far quicker.
This can also be a great way to enhance the business as you are expanding in the niche you have can give your business more variety and help you to appeal to more people and potential customers. It also gives you excellent content to share through the online blog and your social media platforms.
  • Become a solely online venture
Finally, some people think that you really need to have some physical presence or shop to be a success, especially if you want to focus on your local market share. But these days with so much going online that you really can be a business that is based solely online. The thing to remember is that a shop or business premises where you do business can seem like a natural step of progression, but there are also plenty of overheads and costs that you need to consider. Things such as a rent or lease, as well as all of the things that you need insider it. However, being online gives you great savings and also flexibility. You can communicate through the internet thanks to chat bots and video callings, you can supply to people through your online shop, and it means that the overheads can be significantly reduced. Why wouldn’t you consider staying online based? It might mean that the only outlay could be storage as your business progresses.
So there you have it, some of the unique approaches that you can take towards your business. Let’s hope that these suggestions have inspired you to think about your business in a different way and try out some new things.

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