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Tips for fixing an iPhone or iPad charger that appears to be broken or frayed.

We’ve all had an iPhone or iPad charger break, right when we needed it most. And at that time, we’ve all wondered how to fix our charger.Before spending money to replace an iPhone or iPad charger, test it to make sure it really is broken beyond repair.Often the iPhone or iPad lightning cable itself will fail before the actual adapter that plugs into the wall, so you may be able to replace just one component for less cash.

Damaged power cables can be electric shock hazards, so if your iPhone or iPhone charger cord is badly frayed, it’s probably time to replace it.When you think about it, your iPhone or iPad charger has it pretty rough. What other accessory do you handle at least twice a day and likely more, do you bring along with you to the office or library, and jam into a suitcase when you travel? It’s no wonder that our faithful lightning cables give out long before the devices they charge are ready for replacement.

How to fix an iPhone or iPad charger

If your phone no longer seems to be charging properly, the first thing to do is make sure the outlet isn’t the problem. Try plugging other devices into the outlet, and see if they’re getting any power. If the outlet is working, now figure out if the charger is the issue, or if it’s the iPhone/iPad. Borrow a friend’s or co-worker’s charger and see if your phone registers it and powers up as quickly as it used to. If so, the phone is OK, and that’s a good thing. If not, then inspect the cable, and if there is visible fraying, wrap the damaged area in electrical tape. This may realign the internal wiring and fix the issue. Also, if you see a fraying cable in the future, apply electrical tape before the cord fails and you may preempt an issue.Still no luck? Then if you know how to solder, you can cut, strip, and then reconnect the wire. If you’re trying to fix the AC adapter, you’d end up spending as much in little replacement components and tools as you would on a new charger, so don’t bother unless you’re a hobbyist making the repairs for fun, or as a point of pride.If your cord is fraying, you can try wrapping it in electrical tape to keep the wires aligned.If nothing is working, you’re better off just getting a new charger.The good news is that Apple sells a new Lightning to USB cable for only $19.A Lightning to USB-C cable costs a good deal more, at $35. And you’ll also need a power adapter, unless you plan to use your computer for all phone charging needs. These costs can add up, but you can rest assured you’ll be getting genuine Apple-quality gear. That said, third party companies like Aukey make plenty of iPhone and iPad compatible charging cables and adapters that cost much, and usually work just fine.

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