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UN appoints former advocate for teen prostitution

The United Nations has given an appointment to a former advocate for teen prostitution and a rape abortionist.
It was said that Dr Tlaleng Mofakeng had risen fast at the United Nations from being a sexual health and rights advocate to getting  the top post of special Rapporteur on the right to health; A role which will give her a global platform to urge the decriminalization of sex work.
C-Fam said Mofokeng’s reports which advances sexual rights including the legalization of prostitution will likely be cited as an authoritative interpretation of human rights law by the United Nations agencies and other like minded states.

Mofokeng is the author of “A guide to sexual health and pleasure” and also the host of the television show “sex talk” with Dr. T ; which caused a firestorm after her publication of her article at Teen Vogue that encouraged teen girls to consider sex work as a profession.

In her article in Teen Vogue, She criticized the US for making legislations that makes it hard for sex workers to advertise online.

Mokeng had said “I am a doctor, an expert in sexual health, but when you think about it, aren’t I a sex worker?And in some ways, aren’t we all?”.

She had further attempted to normalize sex work with the view that not all sex workers engage in penetrative sex. She stressed that most sex worker services may include companionship, intimacy , non sexual role playing ,dancing ,escorting and stripping.  These roles according to her are often pre-determined and all parties are comfortable with them.

” The purchase of intimacy and paying for those services can be affirming for many people who need human connection and emotional support”, Mofokeng said . 

According to C- Fam’s report in July, The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation had praised Mofokeng’s for her leadership in the area of family planning in 2016. 

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