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Use these Powerful Marketing Words For Your Small Business

What are Power Words?Power words are words used by smart marketers and copywriters to trigger a psychological or emotional response.Power words incite a feeling, action, or opinion. They make you desire a product, click ‘buy now’, or trigger a memory.A strong power word is a difference between a reader adding themselves to your e-mail list, downloading that guide you worked tirelessly on or sharing your well-crafted content on social media.

The key to smart marketing words is using the right words at the right time, depending on your goals.Stated plainly, you want to be sure to include one set of power words when trying to promote exclusivity and another when emphasizing urgency.Adding even a single word (if it’s the right word) can dramatically impact the successful outcome.Social Psychologist, Ellen Langer tested the impact of adding a single word in a social experiment where she asked to cut in line at a copy machine.Seems pretty simple, right? The results speak for themselves. Adding a single word, giving a reason, had powerful results. Even in the third example, where the reason was quite obvious, the results were are clear.What we say and how we say it matters.

In fact, as we emphasized in our comprehensive guide on developing a great brand identity for your company, you must be deliberate about everything you do to to create a strong business brand.We have been trying to figure out the most powerful and impactful marketing words for a while.Getting it right the first time is more important than ever before.In the past, marketers had more time to reach the customer. In today’s tech-centric world, they have mere seconds to grab a customer’s attention.How to boost conversions with power words Below is our list of the most powerful words in marketing and SEO that you should be using now.When you want the customer to know what assurances you offer:

  • Fed Ex has long used a slogan campaign promising deliveries on time, “When it absolutely, positively has to get there overnight.”
  • Guarantee: Offering a guarantee resolves a prospect’s number one concern risk. When people know they are going to get what they paid for, they are compelled to move forward with your product or service.
  • Promise: When a brand follows through with what they say the results are clear: a strong customer base that is likely to support your businesses growth through repeat sales and word of mouth marketing.
  • Pledge: Take a stand. Tell your followers what they can expect. There are places in your business to surprise your customers – knowing what they can count on from you shouldn’t be one of them. Transparency is king. Remember that power words are not exclusively for marketing messages. Consider how you can also use them in other places, such as on your product packaging design if you sell physical products.
  • When you want to generate buzz and curiosity: Curiosity has been the driver behind the greatest discoveries in science, medicine, and technology. In marketing, curiosity is what gets people to search for your business on Google or another search engine, and also persuades them to click your links or consider your products. If you use the right power words, you will also encourage your customers to use the same words.
  • When You Want to Motivate or Inspire. When you motivate a prospect: you are encouraging them to consider what you are offering and imagine how it could benefit them.
  • You: Seems simple enough right?  It’s perhaps the most important word. When trying to persuade someone of an idea, concept, product, or service you must make it about them and how it will meet their needs.
  • Results: Some of the most powerful tools in marketing involve the ability to inspire with results. There are entire industries, (such as the Diet and Exercise industry) that bank on the ability to prove their products via results. Consumers want to know how what you offer could help them and if it has helped someone like themselves.
  • Imagine: Almost hypnotic, this power word asks your audience to consider what having your product or service in their life would look like. How much smoother would their business run with your program? 

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