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Visa-free destinations for Nigerian travellers

Visa free destinations for Nigerian travellers. The hustle and bustle of securing a tourist visa can sometimes take away the excitement of planning a well-deserved holiday. As well, following the United States Embassy in Nigeria’s announcement in May 2019 that the drop-box visa application process has been suspended and the difficulties of securing a Schengen visa to Europe, the prospect of a relaxing holiday seems unlikely.

Fortunately, there are over 40 destinations that Nigerian passport holders can visit without prior visa arrangements, and creating the possibility for a spur of the moment trip to somewhere new. Here are a few recommended destinations from Travelstart that you can book for your visa-free travel.


Coined as one of the friendliest countries in Africa, might be the quick break you need. With its rich history, culture and equatorial climate, it takes less than two hours to get to the countries capital Accra from Lagos. This West African neighbour offers visa free entry to Nigerian passport holders and is perfect for a short getaway.


The safari capital of Africa, offers Nigerians a 90-day free visa on arrival. Alternately, Nigerians can apply for the e-visa ahead of time to simplify the airport experience. The capital city Nairobi is home to some must-see wildlife such as lions, elephants and rhinos. Enjoy beautiful beaches as this East African country has a magnificent coastline along the Indian Ocean.

The picturesque East African Islands of Mauritius and Seychelles

These are popular destinations for honeymooners. Mauritius offers a pleasing tropical climate, beautiful architecture and a fascinating blend of cultures like Indo-Pakistani, Creol and Chinese. But Seychelles’ archipelago of 115 islands offers breathtaking views of secret waterfalls, mountain tops and deep sea coral reefs. Both locations have some of the most magnificent beaches in the world. They offer visas on arrival to Nigerian travellers.

Southeast Asian nation Cambodia

You can receive a visa on arrival for a stay of up to 30 days. The year round travel destination offers a number of magnificent temples and landmarks. Travellers can also get in touch with nature with a visit to the ‘Mondulkiri Project – an Elephant sanctuary for rescued wildlife. It also serves to preserve the forest.


A destination for the adventurous traveller seeking a truly unique experience. Home to the royal Bengal tiger. The country provides activities such as swamp safaris. This is where visitors take wooden dinghy boats to explore the swampy bayous of Ratargul. Bangladesh is home to some of the world’s largest working tea  serenity wiplantations. Get a visit to a tea garden in the traditional tea-growing areas of Sylhet.


Fiji offers a visa free stay of up to 120 days. With adventurous activities like kayaking, snorkeling and hiking through a jungle trail. This cluster of 330 paradise islands is home to 898,760 residents. Catch a flight and in less than 24 hours, you could be on the South Pacific island of Viti Levu.

So, where will you and your crew go this summer? Travelstart, Africa’s largest online travel agency, provides easy to book flights on over 500 airlines to more than 11,000 destinations. The only difficult decision to make is where to go to create these memorable experiences.

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