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Ways to Enjoy Yourself and Still Build Capacity as an Entrepreneur

The words “work” and “fun” shouldn’t be antithetical. But for so many people, they are. Most entrepreneurs spend about a third of their life at work. So, isn’t it about time you had some fun with it? You should be nodding. Here’s why: Not only does laughter reduce stress, among many other health benefits, it can also create strong bonds and a positive work environment. And who hates on fun anyway? Most entrepreneurs make the mistake of ignoring their social and fun life while trying to build the business empire they dream of, forgetting that having fun is a natural rebooting system for come-back productivity. Here are some ways to build capacity in your field as an entrepreneur and still have a life-time fun.

  • Create a morning routine.

Once I’ve been told that I should wake up early, have all meetings done by lunch, and then start working. It was my employer back then, and I tried my best in being a good employee. So, I’ve tried again and again. But I am not a morning person, and it was really hard for me.

Today I devote all my mornings to myself. I have long showers, meditate, do yoga, listen to podcasts, eat my breakfast slowly, and enjoy the morning glory. Then I have a daily call with my co-founder and start working at about 10:30 am – 12 pm. I love it! I’m full of energy, rested, inspired, and feeling amazing. And if sometimes I feel like I want to sleep in, I do it. Because mornings can be not so shiny or my mood can be a poop. Because I’m a human.

Try it. Create your morning routine. What would you do? Run with your doggy? Swim in the pool? Write? Cuddle with your loved ones and have a slow breakfast together?

  • Socialize.

We are social animals. We thrive among people! I know that now we’re conditioned, but do what you can to meet with your friends and family. Sunday lunches? Amazing! Regular calls? Perfecto! Picnics in the park or at the beach – you name it. Leave all your gadgets, planners, apps, set your phone on the airplane mode, and LIVE LIFE. Laugh till your stomach hurts, roll on the grass with kids and dogs, go swimming naked in the lake. Be free, be crazy. Smile or make compliments to people you don’t know in the street. I’ve done that. What makes you alive?

  • Be honest with yourself and others.

We are not robots. If you feel shitty and someone asks how are you, be courageous and tell the truth. Or if you see someone feels like crap, ask twice how he/she is, pay attention, be compassionate. Being kind costs nothing. But it can really help you and someone, and sometimes it even saves lives.

Slow down. Build your business day by day, step by step. Plan, dream, work. But don’t sacrifice your life to it. It’s too short to make it one massive burnout when you are too tired to spend time with your kids or to exist at all.

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