Wedding Entertainment Ideas for your Big Day

Weddings are one of the biggest events hosted by families in the social and cultural front. It is a fun occasion to bond with families and your favorite group of friends. There are a lot of people invited to a wedding right from the pre-wedding celebration or even before that. Your wedding is more like a gala and to make sure your guests are not in any way bored; we suggest you plan some of the best wedding entertainment ideas possible. There are a lot of things that one needs to consider while planning the wedding entertainment idea. Those things include the age of your guests, the budget, the timings and so on. To spice up your wedding and to add some bliss, excitement and fun to see your special day, here are some of the best entertainment ideas for your big day to turn out amazing.

  1. Photobooth

The photobooth is a quirky addition to weddings and any other celebration. This requires a mesmerizing backdrop and some beautiful props, to make your friends and family take photos of themselves. Your guests will definitely love it. Even more, Photo booth is amazing, it is such a giggle especially if children are in attendance. In today’s world, photobooth brings the highest quality pictures and technology. That might just be more fun than normal photography. Let your guests say cheese.

  • Advice cards

The concept of advice cards was picked up from the Western formalities that happened during weddings. At the entrance of the wedding venue you can have the advice card for your friends, family and colleagues to fill an advice card or a reminiscing card for you and your partner. This can also be achieved if the wedding has a proper seating arrangement with a who-sits-where decided already. You can even keep some placards around or something to let the fun begin! You can also choose to read them out during the reception or simply keep them as a memory for yourself and your spouse.

  • Stand-up comedy

The fun comedy adds to any event cannot be over emphasized. Stand-up comedy is a trending entertainment for weddings and other ceremonies these days. You can call for a standup comedian to add some laughter to your wedding. You also need to carefully pick a good comedian and also consider the type of guests you are having in your wedding. This is because the thin line between funny and derogatory is often mistaken and it might offend your guess as some comedians are extremists when it comes to jokes.

  • Quiz it up

Quiz games are always classic game to any wedding celebration and it’s never fails. You can make questions about your cousins, friends and other family members and let the crowd scream some guesses. You can also create a presentation with photographs from your childhood and include the childhood photographs of your guests as well. Let everyone keep guessing who is who! Believe me this is sure to be a lot of fun. Your guests will enjoy it to the fullest while at it you have succeeded in keeping everybody entertained.

  • Karaoke

I know what is going on in your mind right now yes karaoke is definitely a hit for a wedding especially and the ending part of the occasion. You can create a space in the venue with some tunes and lyrics of the 80s and 90s music on it. You will be amazed at the amount of people that would play the karaoke game. Your guests will love the musical session with just in Mic and some karaoke song in the backdrop.

  • Live music

There is nothing that life music cannot light up. For your wedding reception you can get a band to perform at your wedding. The evening can start unraveling with soothing songs and the band gets to plays your favorite jazz music to get everyone on their toe to dance it off. So, if you wish to add some fun to your wedding live music should definitely be considered.

  • DIY Bar

Food and drinks are definitely one of the most crucial part of any celebration not to talk of a wedding and while you enjoy themselves to the fullest and the flow of snacks and drinks through the evening should not stop. The key to happiness is often through the stomach and while it is already arranged by your caterer, you can add to the fun by keeping FnD (fruit and drink) Bar where are your guests can spend a good time prepping their favorite snacks and flavour of drinks. This is also a conversation-starter. With people gathering and discussing your choices, it will work wonders for your wedding fun.

  • Get a good DJ

A DJ is a must-have at a wedding. Is it even legal to not have the last dance with one of your bridesmaids loses her shoes? Let your hair down with your entire family enjoying the twist and dance. Go ahead and ask the DJ to play all your favorite tracks and sweat all your stress out from the wwedding on the dance hall. 

In conclusion, entertainment ideas for your wedding is a great way to plan your wedding and it becomes an instant best seller at the wedding. You carry a carousel of memories from these entertainment idea and will make the guests at your wedding smile for years to come when they “remember when …..!!” story.

If you think we missed a fun entertainment idea for your big day, let us know in the comments below.

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