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Why Social Entrepreneurship Is The Ultimate Job In Nigeria

Social entrepreneurship might not really be so familiar with a lot of people. It may strike you as just two words created to make you feel motivated to venture into it. This is a very important movement that is generating strong, innovative and very conscious leaders in our workplace.
A social entrepreneur goes all out to affect the lives of others positively in all aspects.
The social entrepreneur sees the people as his/her primary responsibility to improve them mentally, socially, financially, intellectually and otherwise.
Social entrepreneurship goes beyond personal gain to make sure that the lives of others are genuinely impacted and changed for better. Seeing social entrepreneurship as a job title redefines your working environment.
It makes you see your colleagues as people that need to be helped to become better people and not just some random fellows that you care very little about how they feel and what happens to them. Don’t be surprised when you start receiving the respect and loyalty that even your CEO cannot even command.
I believe that for our society to be better and full of positive energy, everyone needs to become a social entrepreneur.
For us to be social entrepreneurs, we must love what we do, bitjobs or whatsoever it is that we engage in daily. We must all love our communities if we are to impact them positively.
If there is no love towards our jobs and our communities, there is no possible way that we can bring ourselves to being a social entrepreneur that positively affects the lives of people.
Each of us can use ore talents, potentials, jobs and our daily routines to impact and create positive changes in the lives of the people around us. There is always this happiness that comes from within when you know that you are positively affecting lives.
There is a feeling of fulfillment in social entrepreneurship. There is no monetary value that you can use to quantify the feeling that fills your heart when you know that you are the source of joy to people.
  • How To Create Positive Change Through Your Work
To create a positive change through your work, the first thing you need to know is that you are not just working to earn a living through your salary.
You are actually working to affect and influence others positively. Once this consciousness is rooted in you, you will always be looking for ways to make your working environment lively and full of positive energy.
To create a positive change through your work, personal benefits are secondary to positively changing the lives of people around you in your place of work.
I am not saying that getting paid for your services is bad, the point I am making is that to really be a social entrepreneur and see the impact of social entrepreneurship, you must have to value the positive changes in people higher than your ability to make gain through what you do.
At your work place, you should always be a source of inspiration that people will see and have faith that there is more to life that meets the eye.
There are many people who are really going through a lot of challenges and they need people that are social entrepreneurs to speak hope to them in the face of those challenges and setbacks.

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