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Why You Are Not An Entrepreneur Yet In Nigeria

Never in the history of the Nigerian state is entrepreneurship as defined as it is in Nigeria today. The emphases on the concept notwithstanding, so many people are yet to fully grasp the concept of being an entrepreneur in practice. You are probably one of them. You are not an entrepreneur yet in Nigeria not because you don’t want to but because of certain factors affecting you.

Make no mistake about it; being an entrepreneur is hard but being an entrepreneur (LINK being an entrepreneur) with no money is terrible. Entrepreneurship is not easy and being an entrepreneur will require so many sacrifices.

There are so many people who can become great entrepreneurs. You are one of them and you are not and you are not an entrepreneur yet. We believe that this article is for you.

The truth about being an entrepreneur is that you have to believe in your abilities against all odds. You are not an entrepreneur yet not because you cannot become one but because you have not dared to become one.

Our position is that nothing should stop you from becoming an entrepreneur if you want it. There is no excuse for failure.

If you want to know how to become an entrepreneur or how to be an entrepreneur, I suggest you go through this article and see why you are not an entrepreneur yet in the first place.

4 Reasons Why You Are Not An Entrepreneur Yet In Nigeria

  • Fear of losing the stability of your current job

One of the challenges of becoming an entrepreneur is the fear of losing one’s current job. Imagine having secured a good job and someone comes from nowhere to tell you about how to start being an entrepreneur, I bet you will find it difficult to become one.

The stability jobs give you and the fact that you want to cling to a paycheck is why you are not an entrepreneur yet even when you know you want to become one.

The reason so many people are joining the entrepreneurial sector today is mainly, because of unemployment and underemployment. When you have a secured job, you may not want to go through the tough process of becoming an entrepreneur.

Just remember that until you step out of your comfort zone, you may not really understand what lies ahead. You potentials as an entrepreneur may not be fully fulfilled.

  • Capital

Oh, this is usually very interesting. You want to become an entrepreneur undoubtedly but there is a usually a problem; money. This is the reason you are not an entrepreneur yet. It is okay but it is not okay.

Let me shock you; nobody had enough money when they first started their business. You really need to stop with the money excuses and get to work. You can be all you want to become with the right ideas and you can always source for the fund when the time is right.

  • You feel the time is not right

What makes someone an entrepreneur is starting his or her business without waiting for the right time. I want to bet that after capital and job stability, the reason you are not an entrepreneur yet is that you are waiting for the right time that will probably never come.

Look at the scenario; I want to be an entrepreneur but I have to wait until I finish this my degree exams, …until my kids are off to the university, …until my partner secures promotion, …until my university degree is over…. You can fill in the gap. There is always a reason not to start every time you want to start and there are reasons to start right away. The real entrepreneurs take the later.

  • The fear of failure

I recently published an article on how to conquer the fear of success( How To Conquer The Fear Of Success In Business) You see, I stated that it was for entrepreneurs because entrepreneurs have already overcome the fear of failure. Today, if you are not an entrepreneur yet, it is probably because you are afraid of failing and you need to deal with that shit. It shackles you and limits you every time.

You can fail and try again. Keep trying until you win. So, if you are not failing, you are not even trying. Conquer the fear of failure and you are off to a great start.

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